20 Signs Your Friendship Has Reached The BFF Level

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl
  1. You are invited to the same party as them and it’s automatically assumed that you will go together. Or be included in each other’s group of friends. You stop asking the other, “Who are you going with?” or “Are you coming with your friends?” because what friend? You’re that friend now.
  2. They call you first thing when they are in need/ an emergency.Like when they have a very bad date and have no idea how to GTFO or when they lose their wallet and need you to come take their ass home.
  3. People would ask one of you about the other because your social media is now overloaded with photos of you two doing weird things together. Their silly face is probably on your Facebook profile picture and latest Instagram selfie.
  4. They suggest travelling together and you both are actually excited about it because at this point you know them well enough to be sure you will have a good time.
  5. You no longer feel insecure when your texts are not replied yet. In fact, you text each other so much that you don’t even remember who texts who last. But you know if you seriously need them, they will get back to you right away.
  6. You are comfortable calling them (or them calling you) for random reasons or no reason at all. “Hey, what are you doing? Omg, I’m so bored.” and you will have a long ass conversation about the most random stuff ever while cooking or painting your nails or something.
  7. You can casually talk about farts and poops. Like, how big of a sh*t you had today or how it suddenly had a weird colour. You have absolutely no shame or boundary.
  8. You don’t mind being vain in front of each other like checking yourself out in front of mirror or taking tons of shameless selfies. You don’t judge them and you know they don’t judge you.
  9. You know what guy/girl the other is talking about.“OMG, guess who just texted me?” No need to guess, you already know. And OMG!
  10. You can be brutally honest each other’s (horrible) choices of fashion, or love interests and no offense taken. You trust each other’s judgements and you both know you just want good for each other even if it means telling the harsh truths. In fact, you come to each other exactly for those harsh truths no one else would ever tell you except them.
  11. “Don’t tell anyone” no longer includes them. You don’t hide anything from them because you just can’t. Plus, you know you can trust them completely and secrets are forever safe between the two of you. Well, actually you’re basically the same person.
  12. You can decode each other’s every move on social media. Suddenly Instagram a hot throwback pic? Posting song lyrics on Facebook? Cute-looking selfies on Snapchat story? You know exactly what’s up. Who’s the dude?
  13. You send each other screenshots of convos with people, especially love interest, or of funny shit on the internet. And most of those instantly become your inside jokes.
  14. You somehow don’t like or don’t get on well with the same kinds of people because you two are also the same kind of people. You’re always on the same length and that’s why it feels so natural between the two of you.
  15. Their family is like your family and vice versa. You know most things about each other’s family and are treated like a family member when you come visit. You can even hang out with their siblings without them around.
  16. Talking to them just makes everything instantly feel better. They get you. They get your humour. They get how awesome you are. They keep you sane and become insane with you.
  17. You don’t have to initiate plans to hang out. You just do.
  18. You don’t feel like you have to keep them company all the time when you’re around each other. You don’t have to constantly talk to them or do something with them. You could spend whole day together, each doing your own stuff and it still feels comfortable and actually fun.
  19. You tag each other in one of those BFF posts and it always applies for the two of you. It just feels right.
  20. You are completely unfiltered around each other. You can be your truest, most authentic self and at the same time, you see each other in the best light possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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