23 People On The Little Things That Make Someone Instantly Attractive To Them

Attraction is a funny thing — and by funny, I really mean it’s ridiculously subjective. What one person is into is probably going to differ for the next 99 people. (And of course, there’s the whole thing about how things can go from attractive to creepy based on whether or not you think the person is good looking, but that’s a huge can of worms on its own.) Regardless, I polled 23 friends on what was the most seemingly innocuous thing that turned them on. Some are superficial, some are kind of deep, but hey, whatever knocks your socks off.

1. Kyra, 27

Guys in shawl-collar sweaters. It’s not even a sexy piece of clothing, but it just seems really cozy and like you can snuggle up with them. Looking like you’re primed for a cuddle session is instantly attractive.

2. Joe, 22

If a girl is wearing a white tank top, like the ones from Target or whatever, it’s the hottest thing in the world.

3. Morgan, 24

If a dude does that thing where he pulls a little on his bottom lip with his teeth, it just looks really hot and suggestive.

4. Andrew, 26

When you’re on a date with a girl and she lightly brushes your arm with her fingertips, it’s more sexy than if she jumped over the table and started making out with you. Well, maybe not, but it’s close.

5. Annalise, 25

Putting your hand on the small of my back in public. It’s kind of like marking your territory and being a little possessive, but it’s way more intimate than throwing your arm around my shoulder like I’m just your buddy.

6. Bryan, 26

I don’t know why, but a ponytail has always been really attractive to me. Maybe it goes back to my love of the Spice Girls when I was younger?

7. Maria, 24

5 pm scruff. My boyfriend has a perpetual case of it and it reminds me that I’m only kissing HIM.

8. Dustin, 29

I find athletic girls with small boobs really attractive. I don’t want her to look like a bodybuilder with pecs, but if she looks like she just played volleyball, I’m in.

9. Erin, 20

Guys in glasses. Maybe I have a latent Clark Kent-to-Superman fantasy, but a guy taking his glasses off to make out with me is always a sexy little move.

10. David, 25

I love when girls wear one of my sweatshirts around the house. If it’s big enough for her to wear as a top and a bottom, then I’m probably proposing.

11. Eve, 27

If I see a guy reading a book I like on the subway and he has that furrowed brow and everything, I instantly want to know him (and know what he thinks about the book).

12. Evan, 24

If a girl knows more about sports than I do, I will introduce her to my family that night.

13. Tracy, 21

A guy still liking Disney or Pixar movies. Being a kid at heart is the cutest.

14. Patrick, 31

Redheads. I am addicted to redheads.

15. Andrea, 28

If your cologne is strong and distinctive enough that I wind up smelling like you (and thinking of you if I ever come across another guy who wears it, too) — I just love that.

16. Sam, 27

I love it when a girl can find something to eat no matter where we go. I’m not picky, so if she’s not either it makes life so much easier.

17. Amanda, 24

When guys are secure enough in themselves to love cats.

18. Sean, 30

The biggest thing I look for is a girl who knows what she wants to do in life. I’m not saying she has to be rich or have it all figured out, but a gameplan for the future is really nice.

19. Molly, 31

A well. fitting. suit. It instantly makes any guy — every guy — sexier.

20. Ross, 26

Call me old fashioned, but if a girl can cook she’s already won me over.

21. Lauren, 23

If a guy is talking to you and does that really casual thing of swooping his hand through his hair, I’m gonna want to know what it feels like to run my hand through his hair, too. Kinda suspect that’s why guys do it — in addition to getting their hair out of their faces, of course.

22. Ryan, 29

For me, honesty is probably the most important trait a potential partner could have. If you can admit when you’re wrong and, if we argue, we know it’ll come to a resolution, that’s a really great foundation for a relationship.

23. Megan, 25

Calling me. Nobody does it anymore so if you actually use the phone feature of your phone and let me hear your voice, it instantly sets you apart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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