15 Things That Happen When You Have An All-Or-Nothing Personality

1. You’re often the most gung-ho of all your friends, and tend to get The Most Excited Ever when you hear of something new for you to try together. (And you’re sort of stumped when they don’t immediately meet your enthusiasm, so you have to remind yourself that it’s okay that you don’t all share the same interests all of the time.)

2. But on the days when you cannot be bothered to put on pants, let alone leave your place, there is no convincing you otherwise, and you realize, oh, this is where they’re coming from when they’re not into doing something… now I get it.

3. When you want something, you are laser-focused on it. Not a cheaper alternative from a fast fashion retailer (or even a comparably priced one from a different store). You dream about the thing you saw, and either stalk it until it goes on sale, or just indulge and rationalize your purchase.

4. You’ve never really had a problem adopting a new workout or way of eating — the problem is when you’re distracted by a new one, and jump ship for that workout.

5. When you are done in an argument or conversation, you are done. There’s no need to draw it out – you’d rather just let the issue drop altogether.

6. Either you are dressed to the nines, with heels and makeup and crisply ironed clothes, or you’ve been in the same stained sweats for the past four days and you’re beginning to wonder if they’ve fused themselves to your body yet.

7. When you like someone, you like them. It always feels like love at first sight, and you’re ready to devote your entire time to letting this little could-be relationship blossom. (Is it a tad unhealthy and do you find yourself wondering if you’re smothering people? Yeah, a little. But you still can’t help yourself. You love the feeling of new love.)

8. You will be the nicest person ever to someone, and bend over backwards for them in the craziest of ways… until they finally cross you, at which point you would rather not even know they exist, and it takes a lot for them to win back your trust.

9. You learned long ago that you had better be in a job you love because if you love what you do, you’ll spend countless extra hours getting the job done just right, but if you hate it, you’re going to slack off harder than a pair of pants.

10. If you eat like crazy at brunch, chances are good you will say “screw it,” and not head to the gym afterward. Which is counterintuitive to like, every concept of balance ever, but once you start on that calorie train, you’re not going to stop.

11. You regularly do things like overhauling your entire wardrobe or cleaning your entire apartment with a toothbrush but cannot be otherwise bothered to so much as make your bed the rest of the time.

12. The best time to make plans with you is right then and there in that moment, because if you have to anticipate doing something, chances are good you’re going to lose interest a week before it happens, try to hype yourself back into doing it, and bail at the last minute.

13. Some Saturdays you want to spend going out until 4 am, belting out the lyrics to ‘Closing Time’ with the rest of the bar, but the rest of the weekend, it’s not unheard of if you don’t even leave your apartment.

14. Sometimes you get the weird vibe that some of your friends’ friends don’t quite like you, but you understand it. You’re polarizing. You’re not for everyone. And you’re fine with that.

15. You’ve met so many friends where you’re just like, “This is it, we’re going to be friends forever and ever and ever,” or you tell yourself that they’re nice, but something just doesn’t click. There is no in between. Maybe the rare person grows on you, but it’s the ones whom you were instantly friends with in the very first moment with whom you’re totally inseparable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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