21 Modern-Day Signs You Belong In Gryffindor

1. Whenever you did a group project in school, even if you weren’t the smartest, you’d always be the one to present to the class.

2. People have asked if you’re planning on being a lawyer when you grow up.

3. You’re a huge sports fan, and become borderline terrifying when you’re watching your team.

4. You’re the one who’s always down to try a new restaurant or bar. “C’mon, guys, where’s your sense of adventure?” is something you frequently say.

5. You voice your opinion every time, almost to a fault — even if it gets you in trouble with friends or significant others.

6. People almost always categorize you as extroverted (whether or not you’re extroverted or just an outgoing introvert.)

7. You have, on more than one occasion, gone on a tirade against an ex for treating you so badly. (You might or might not have downed a little liquid courage first.)

8. You’ve kept the same core friends over the years, and you know that the minute you make a friend, it’s for life.

9. You have never once backed down from a dare…

10. … Up to and including eating bugs, streaking, that 8th shot of Fireball (no chaser), or any other number of never-have-I-ever-caliber stories.

11. Whether or not you want to admit it, the whole Greek party culture is not without its appeal.

12. You thrive under pressure, and often leave things to the last minute not only because you’re a procrastinator, but because you know you work best when things come down to the wire.

13. When watching The Hunger Games, American Ninja Warrior, or any other number of high-stakes shows, you think to yourself, “Yeah, I might be able to do that.” At the very least, you’d like to think you’d survive for a little bit.

14. Your energy is limitless, and you have a reputation for being something of a jock or athlete.

15. You let your phone’s battery dwindle down to the last little dregs of power before you charge it. It makes you feel like you’re living on the edge.

16. On more than one occasion, someone has called you “cool,” and though you might not understand why they’re saying it, hey, you’re just gonna run with it.

17. And on that note, people have accused you of following trends because it’s what everyone else is doing, but you’re like, look, I’mma do me and if everyone else happens to like it, too, that’s awesome.

18. Whenever something rough happens at work or to a friend, your first reaction is not to console but rather to just do something.

19. You often provide commentary when watching TV shows or movies and make your opinion known — and if it’s a bad guy on the screen, oooooh buddy are they in for a tongue-lashing.

20. It’s not that rules don’t apply to you — it’s just that, you know, sometimes they get in the way of doing what you think is most effective so you kinda bend them a little.

21. And you always knew deep down that Neville 100% was in the right house, that Ron would always come back, and that love will always prevail over everything else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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