This Is How You Fall Out Of Love

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When it begins, you’re thrown into a wildfire of a plethora of particular sensations you never knew you had. Cherish every second, from when you get that intoxicating fluttering in your stomach just from seeing them, or as you anticipate seeing them, to the way your heart box-steps as they inch closer towards you. Cherish the way every song you hear reminds you of them, even if it was a song you shared with someone else; cherish even more the cadences you never cared for until it reminded you of them.

Cherish the laughs — the little grins and the haphazard giggles, especially the euphoric ones of pure ecstasy that make them crouch over; the uproar in their stomach inevitably becomes a riot you both share. Sway through that electricity together.

Cherish the way they extend their hand, waiting for you to interlace your fingers with theirs as you walk down the street. Cherish how you don’t see anyone else when you’re with them because you’re so entwined in each other’s minds, sharing in every sense mutually. Cherish that stillness, the reticence that never makes you question for a second whether they appreciate you or not. Cherish the way they can easily switch between banter and the austere. Cherish how they can push the right buttons and make you see in a new perspective, theirs.

Cherish the beauty you see in them, even when you feel beauty doesn’t exist anymore. Cherish the conversations you have that you know are unraveling all the intricacies and ruggedness you have built for yourself as protection. Cherish the way they look into your eyes, like they’re feeling everything you’re feeling at that minute. Cherish how they understand your shell is withering, ever so slowly, because of them.

Cherish how you’ve finally found them, and how wonderful it is to feel like you’ve known each other your whole life. Cherish their victories, big and small, and be proud of them. Cherish your innocence that unfurls when you’re around them. Cherish the times you discover more of what lives beyond what you see, as they reveal the stories they have shrouded in dust. Cherish how dangerously you look at them and find yourself staring back at you, yet remain unafraid.

Cherish all these little pieces before it crumbles and you’re left with nothing.

Sometimes, it simply disintegrates and you realize it’s not meant to be. But most of the time, it’s because we forget to appreciate these tender moments that once made us think we were invincible. And these emotions become weary and draining, like a magnet that’s only getting heavier and pulling you down with time.

So cherish them…for as long as you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Elizabeth is a NYC writer and tabby cat collector. You can find her on twitter @elizabethtsung.

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