This Is The Kind Of Forever Person You Need

Choosing your partner is one of the most significant decisions you have control over. You may not have control on a lot of things, but this is one aspect you do have control over: your relationship. With the various amounts of posts saying that you deserve this and that, this is the kind of partner you truly deserve:

You need a partner who leads you closer to God, than themselves. You need someone of faith and of integrity. In a world that constantly goes with the flow, you need someone who intentionally leads you closer to God. You need someone that attempts to understand the living Word of God with you. Not someone perfect, no, but someone that’s as equally flawed as you are but worships God with utmost love and grace.

You need a partner who’s filled with drive, ambition and passion. It’s the easiest thing to harden your heart and just lay back, with everything. You not only deserve, but you need to be with someone that has ambition and determination. You need someone with that work ethic, and knows exactly what we wants in his future. This goes to say, you need a partner that sees you in your future and is driven by their goals and their ambition. You need someone that doesn’t just sit back and wait for their dreams to come to life, but someone who’s intentional with putting their goals into action. You need someone that tries to be the best version of themselves, every single day.

You need a partner who may not give you what you want, but gives you what you need. We tend to be so guilty of building these unrealistic high expectations and it’s completely unfair to our significant other. What you need is a partner that knows exactly how to love you, no matter what phase you are in your life. You don’t need someone who’s big on grand gestures and romantic promises, but you need someone that makes you coffee in the morning or takes you out on dates.

Lastly, you need a partner that fuels your mind. You need someone filled with intellect, depth and wisdom. You need someone who’s equally or more wise than you. You need someone you actually talk to, someone you enjoy having conversations with over a cup of coffee on a Saturday afternoon. You need a best friend and a lover, for the rest of your life.

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Dorothy Anne Field

Full-time Freelance Writer. Contributing Writer. MNL, PH.