Find Both A Friendship And A Relationship In A Person

There’s a certain mystery to falling in love, and it’s never quite how we expect it to be.

If you’re going to fall in love, find both a best friend and a lover in one person.

Relationships are more than just about the highlights; it’s more than just finding someone that checks off all your boxes or someone that looks good for you.

You deserve to find both a friendship and a relationship in one person. You deserve to be naked with the entirety of your soul to someone. You deserve someone who has your mind just as much as they have your body and heart.

Falling in love with someone isn’t just about kissing them all the time or about the romantic things that happen. Sometimes, it’s that certain intimacy when your souls connect. It’s being in awe that you found someone who makes you stay grounded in your values, because you share the same values. It’s not having to tell them what you feel, because deep down, they already know when something’s bothering you. It’s being the only two people laughing in a group because you share an inside joke that nobody else gets. It’s high-fiving them when you geek out at that Marvel movie you just watched. It’s knowing what you like and dislike by heart, even when they don’t ask. It’s knowing exactly how to stimulate your mind with discussions about your faith and God.

It’s adoring them more every single day, with every fiber of yourself. They say opposites attract, but there is a unique kind of intimacy when you fall for someone who shares your mindset, energy, values, principles, and beliefs.

Fall in love with your best friend, because you’re going to spend your life with someone that knows you better than you do.

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