Love Isn't About Effort, And 6 Other Vital Truths You Need To Remember About Relationships

Don’t Be Drunk On The Idea Of Loving Someone

At the end of the day, us humans will always crave the closest thing we’ll ever get to feeling in love, even if it isn’t real. We’re all guilty of this, one way or another. You can’t see it right away, but the deep need to feel affection is there.

It’s in the way we settle for people that are less than our standards, even if we know we can get better

It’s in the way we rush into relationships so fast when we barely even know them

It’s in the way we settle for drunken mistakes and one night stands

It’s in the way we promise them and ourselves that it’s going to be strictly casual but we end up falling in love with them anyway

It’s in the way we go for the wrong kinds of people; the fuckboys, the cheaters, the playboys, the emotionally unavailable boys

It’s in the way we wear our hearts on our sleeves with every boy in our life but end up disappointed anyway

But people often forget that it’s also the other side of the story

It’s also in the way we’re so afraid to be in a committed and serious relationship because we’re so afraid of the amount of investment and knowing that it won’t work out

It’s also in the way we push people away, especially the ones that we think are good because we think we don’t deserve them

It’s also in the way we pretend not to care and we pretend to shut off our emotions when in reality, it’s a defense mechanism for giving too many fucks in this world

Our lives will always revolve around love, whether we like it or not. Humans function on emotions and we are generally drawn to the idea of love and finding out what love really is. We get so addicted to the feeling of love that when we get the slightest idea of feeling it, we grab on to it.

When we meet someone and we feel that chemistry, we have it in our heads that it could be love. When we make this stupid mistake of having a one night stand with someone, we have it in our heads that just because they had our bodies for a night, we get their hearts in return.

Love is complicated and a few heartbreaks after, you learn that love is more of a choice than a feeling. It’s having the courage to choose to spend the rest of your life loving someone. That’s how you know it’s love. Love is not an idea and it’s not just getting butterflies in your stomach and feeling all happy. Love isn’t just being attracted to someone because you had sex with them, or because they look incredible, or because you have everything in common. It’s never giving up on each other, at the same time.

Real and genuine love exists when you let them be who they are, because that’s the version of them that you loved, and never trying to change them into what your idea of love is. TC mark

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