Love Isn't About Effort, And 6 Other Vital Truths You Need To Remember About Relationships

Love Isn’t About Effort, And 6 Other Vital Truths You Need To Remember About Relationships

1. Love was never about time. It was never about being someone just because it was familiar and comfortable. You could go your entire life saying your ideal life partner is your best friend, but you marry your college classmate instead. Life is funny like that. Love was never about familiarity, but about compatibility.

2. Love was never about effort as well. Effort is very important in a relationship, yes, I would never deny that. However, it’s not the basis of a relationship. No matter how much someone shows you effort, if you don’t feel it in your heart, then you can’t force it. You can’t ever force something that isn’t real.

3. Consistency will always be important. You can’t do all these really romantic things when you’re trying to get her and then just stop when you do have her. Because that is how you are going to lose her eventually.

4. I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of respect. If you can’t respect your significant other, then why are you even in a relationship with that person? It doesn’t even necessarily just have to be respect for just you. If you’re with someone that doesn’t respect men or women, then why would you be with someone like that?

5. Trust. You can’t be in love with someone and not trust someone wholeheartedly. Relationships like that never work. It’s as simple as that.

6. Friendship. They always say that the best foundation of a long-term relationship is friendship and that’s probably right. You have more chances of working out if you treat your girlfriend or boyfriend like a best friend, too. You tell them everything that’s going on in your day. You laugh with them until your stomach hurts. You tell them your 3 a.m. thoughts and you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable around them. You aren’t afraid to show them your darkest side because you trust them enough. You involve them in your passion and in your hobbies. That’s how you know it’s real.

7. Always, always communicate with each other. Never let a day pass by that you don’t sent even a single text to them. Whether it’s just an “I miss you” or just to simply check up on them to see how their day went, it’s always a big deal. Never let a day pass by when you don’t ask them how their day was. After all, communication is the ultimate key to a successful and happy relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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