My Parents Let Me In On The Terrifying Secret That's Been Kept For Two Generations

My Parents Let Me In On The Terrifying Secret That’s Been Kept For Two Generations

“Let me explain,” he said. “My parents first noticed Tommy was different about a month after we had gotten home from Italy. Things in the attic would break without anyone being up there. Then, while we were all out of the house, things downstairs would be moved. We didn’t know what was going on until your grandma saw Tommy move. She was in the attic putting things away when she heard something move. She turned around and saw Tommy’s arm inching back to the place it was when grandma had first saw him. Tommy somehow knew that Grandma saw him move, so he began to shake. Grandma ran out and locked the door. Unbeknownst to me, they tried to contact the Italian family. Through this, they found out that the people that owned the B&B were arrested just two weeks after we had left. The police found 35 bodies buried in their vineyard after the husband was arrested during a botched kidnapping attempt. People said all four members of the family were using people in some type of weird ritual that involved living forever. And somehow during those rituals, Tommy was created.”

I sat back in the chair with a grin on my face. I expected him to follow up with “Just kidding!” but my mom and dad just sat there.

“So why would you risk bringing him around me? Why wouldn’t you just throw him away or burn him?” I asked.

“You don’t think grandma and grandpa tried to get rid of him? He would always just come back.”

“What about destroying him?”

That’s when my Mother spoke up. “I can answer that,” she said.”After your father’s corn maze incident, and what your grandparents told us, we tried to contact the relatives of that Italian family. We were able to get ahold of the husband’s brother. We asked if everything about Tommy was true, and he said yes… Everything is true. And we asked him if we could destroy Tommy. I’m glad we did. Because he told us to never destroy it. Whatever is inside Tommy won’t go away if we burn him. It’ll…just go into the nearest object or person that it finds. We didn’t want to risk whatever it is to go into you.”

I nodded, I still felt like this whole thing was crazy.

“So what exactly happened to you in the corn maze?” I asked.

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