I Won’t Be Able To Forget The Horrifying Incidents That Happened At Disney While I Was There

Flickr / Jenny & Elisabeth
Flickr / Jenny & Elisabeth

Before I tell you my story, I have to tell you that I haven’t worked at Disney for almost six months. I got the gig through their college program. Getting paid to work at the happiest place on earth? Great, right? NOPE! I could write endless stories just about my day-to-day work there, but I guess it wasn’t all bad. The novelty of working there surprisingly never wore off. In mid-August I was starting to legitimately enjoy it; that is, until I got the complaint.

“What is up with the additions? It scared the shit out of my kids.”

I sort of looked at this woman with a “What the hell are you talking about?” face.

“We haven’t done any additions to the Pirates Of The Caribbean in a while. When was the last time you came here?”

“We were just here in December. I’m just saying that the fish robot got way too close to the boat.”

Holy shit, for anybody who has been to Disney world should know that there aren’t ANY fish animatronics on the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride. I cashed the woman out (I was working at the shop outside the ride), called my supervisor over the walkie-talkie, and told her what she told me.

“Wait what? Fuck, I’ll be right over. Go to the nearest break room.”

I did just that. I sat in the room for a few minutes until my manager finally came in. She actually locked the door (which is actually against the rules) to make sure we were the only two in there.

“So she said that there was something in the water?”

I told her yes.

“Did she say anything about hair?”

I sat there really confused. I said shook my head no and asked what she meant.

“Well I got approached by a few guys in their early 20s, and they told me they saw what looked like a mermaid near Barbosa’s boat. I just assumed they were high and forgot, but if someone else saw it, we need to tell the ride runners.”

My manager and I headed towards the inner tunnels that led to the mechanical room for the ride when a woman sprinted out of the exit sobbing her eyes out. We quickly brought her to the break room and asked her what was wrong.

Through her sons she tried to explain that while she was on the ride, near the “plundering” scene, she saw something pass the boat. Now, the water in the ride is not very deep, so what she described next sounded absurd.

“It looked like a mix between a fish and a person. Its arms were only a few inches long and I saw the fucking gills. It had huge eyes, no nose, and a gaping mouth.”

We calmly asked her what color the scales were.

“No, no. It didn’t had scales. It was flesh.”

The ride was shut down within five minutes. I didn’t have high enough clearance to know what they were doing to find the thing in the ride, but my manager was cool enough to tell me what they found. Near the “jail scene,” a disgusting mound of flesh was left on top of the dog, but nothing else was seen.

Now like I said before, I was just a normal worker, so I don’t know about any investigations they did about the Pirate’s incident, but I do know when the next fucked up thing happened.

A few days later, I was working in Hollywood Studios doing janitorial work when I heard a family talking as they left the Great Movie Ride.

“Did you hear Kevin scream at the Alien scene?”

A tween boy pushed the girl, who I assumed was his sister.

“Shut up! The robot came so close to us! Did you see its eyes?”

Red flag. I assumed they were talking about the Xenomorph scene and what they were saying didn’t add up. So yet again, I called up my supervisor. My supervisor there was a pretty young guy, I’d say about 25, so he thought I was fucking with him when I told him. But he had heard what happened at the Pirate’s ride so he quickly took me seriously.

“What did it look like?”

Fuck! I had to practically chase this family down to stop them. They acted like I was accusing them of doing something wrong when I asked them what happened.

“We didn’t touch any of the props, sir.” The father said.

“No, I don’t think you did, I just really would like to know what was wrong with the animatronic.” I was trying to pretend that what they saw belonged.

“Well first, the slobber was a gross touch, it got on my nice sunglasses! A warning would have been nice!”

“I’m very sorry, could you describe the prop so we could take a look at it?”

“You don’t even know your own ride? The ostrich human thingy.”

I was so confused so I asked her to explain more. She reluctantly went on.

“The thing covered in flesh, the bent legs, the arms in the shape of wings, and the really long neck. That one.”

“Oh…uhh…yes… I’m very sorry, we’ll take a look at it immediately.”

I felt very uneasy, so I got away from them as quickly as I could to tell my supervisor what they said. He told me that he would handle it and to get back to work.

I stalled a bit doing my work so I could stay pretty close to the ride. It was shut down within minutes and the plain-clothed Disney workers went inside the ride. Five carts drove up to the ride. Eight men holding medical masks and black briefcases ran inside. This was one thing that I hadn’t EVER seen before. These Disney workers were breaking the magic, so it had to be serious.

Luckily, this supervisor was pretty cool too and explained what they found in there. Little pieces of flesh were scattered around the Wizard of Oz scene. But something else was left there. A sticky note attached to the witche’s broom. Two words were written on it.

The next week felt really weird among the cast members. A lot of them explained they felt like they were always being observed, and not in the normal, “Hey look it’s Beauty!” way. I could notice that the secret security had been beefed up in every park. I even got to talking with one that was down in the tunnels under The Magic Kingdom.

“I don’t know much. They just told me if I see something suspicious, call the suits,” he said.

People that have worked at Disney know what the suits are. They are pretty much Disney’s CIA. Not in some freaky conspiracy kind of way, but whenever there is a serious threat to patron’s safety in the parks, the suits are there to respond. They don’t actually wear suits, we just call them that because of the CIA parallel. They are usually behind the scenes, ready to go at any given moment. They do all wear black polos, though. So if you’re at Disney and you see an unusually high amount of black polos in one area, you are probably in danger and you don’t even know it.

But back to the story, the last time I was involved in one of these incidents was two days before I quit. I was on the nightly clean-up shift. When all the patrons left the park, I was out there cleaning their stuff up. This particular night, I was working alone in the line for Splash Mountain. The engineers had just passed me, so I assumed they were done with their nightly inspections, but in passing, they told me that a garbage bag had been ripped open and I had a lot of work to do.

Yup, right near the sign that says, “Last Chance To Exit”, a fully filled garbage bag had been ripped open and garbage was EVERYWHERE. After 10 minutes, I was nearly done cleaning it up, when I heard a quiet voice.

“Hop, hop, hop.”

I looked up and saw at the entrance of the ride, a log was in the water, and someone was in the front seat. The lights were all off and I had left my flashlight on the ground, so I could barely see the person besides the outline of their body.

“Hop, hop, hop,” the voice said again.

“Hey! The ride is closed, I’m going to have to ask you to leave please,” I yelled.

I could see the figure shift, whoever it was was getting out of the log, so I picked up my flashlight and shined it on them. To this day, I wish I hadn’t. On the platform was this monstrosity…on all fours, in a crab walking formation, with its head was straight up. Jesus Christ, its head… It had the eyes of a human, but the nose of a rabbit, and I shit you not, these tall fucking ears. And it wasn’t covered in fur. It was in bare flesh, even the ears.

The creature started advancing towards me in awkward, jerking motions. It was moving pretty slow, so I sprinted back towards the exit. As I was racing towards the exit, I pulled out my walkie-talkie and screamed into it that I needed a suit right away. I stood outside the entrance for about a minute, making sure that the thing wasn’t behind me anymore, before a suit finally came. This time, it was something I had never seen before, he had a pistol with him.
The suit checked all over the ride and found a few things. There were little piles of flesh and another sticky note taped to one of the vultures before the big drop.

“We won’t leave.”

For the next day, Disney let me stay in a nice room in one of the pop hotels. People came to the room a few times asking what I had seen, but when I started to ask them questions, they all seemed to clam up. This pissed me off to no end, so I decided to quit.

I’m sorry to finish this rather anti-climatically, but since I quit, the company has cut literally all ties with me. Back around December, for some reason I really wanted to go back there, they said yes, but only if they could do a “screening.” They gave no context for that so I declined. I don’t know what happened with those weird occurrences, the cast members that I still talk to have said no weird shit has gone on since that night.

I have my theories on what those things were. But here is all I can say: Disney is a much more powerful corporation than many people think. I personally believe that those things were a product of someone that Disney had pissed off, or something that they had created themselves.

All I know is what I saw last summer will never leave my mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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