21 WTF Random YouTube Videos For You To Laugh At

My cheeks hurt from laughing so much! TC mark

1. Turtle has sex with a shoe

2. Fox News jetpack guy

3. That’s the wrong video, by the way

4. What he says

5. Heinz Automato

6. Pretty much everywhere, it’s going to be hot (Mario Remix)

See original here.

7. He was on the air!

8. Barking cat gets caught

9. Da fuq is dat?

10. Skull Trumpet

11. Ticklish camel!

12. Death metal rooster

13. The greatest putt-putt shot in the world

14. Have you had a dream…?

15. Lizard jumps on news anchor

16. Goose parade

17. Goat needs a cough drop

18. Antelope owns cyclist

19. That face

20. Goat don’t care

21. Don’t say this word on the air


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