45 Guys Share The One Thing They Judge Girls On Immediately (But Never Admit To)

1. If I’m at dinner, my number one thing will be to look at how she treats our server. As a server myself, I have no respect for a girl who thinks she’s above the wait staff. – Drew, 24

2. If the girl is late because she’s taking so long to get ready, I’m already less interested. Get ready earlier. I know you’re trying to play a dating game already and it’s just a huge turn-off. – Jake, 29

3. How many selfies she posts, and how much duck face is involved in them. Self-love is great, but it tends to be the case that girls who post a lot of photos of themselves are seeking some kind of validation that I don’t want to end up being responsible for giving. – Caleb, 24.

4. I know she doesn’t really want that salad and she’s ordering it because she thinks she should. I would rather she just be herself and get what she likes. – Greg, 25

5. How much she looks at her phone. Obviously everyone’s gonna text, but if she’s on it the whole time when we’re first starting to hang out, it’s just such a huge turnoff. – Seth, 25

6. I don’t know where society got the idea that men don’t care that much about personality. All the men I know do. Strong, funny, interesting,smart women are where it’s at. Nothing more disappointing than a dull person, woman or man, honestly. – Clark, 30

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