From A Guy’s Perspective: 9 Things We Want Out Of A Relationship

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1. Someone Who Gets Us In The Weird Ways

Not on like a deep, sappy emotional level. That too I guess, but really just someone who understands that we hate it when people have to mention the fact that they liked the book better than the movie, or that we don’t like it when people stand up on airplanes the second the plane lands.

It’s the acknowledgement of those little things that makes it not so much as relationship as it does a really fun time with someone who’s fun to hang out with. Speaking of…

2. Someone That’s Ridiculously Fun To Hang Out With

I would say this is by far the most important thing. Great looks are nice and physical attraction obviously helps, but looks alone are exactly like having a tricked out car that breaks down after a few weeks — good for a few rides, then a total nightmare to keep up with.

I think the modern dude is increasingly defining a girlfriend as “an awesome person who you get to have sex with.” At the end of the day, that’s pretty much all we’re looking for.

3. Someone Who’s Always Down To Do Cool Things We Can’t Do With Our Guy Friends

Wine bars, nature walks, romantic restaurants, sunset boat rides. All nice, but all things we’d probably get made fun of for suggesting to tackle with our dude friends.

Contrary to popular belief, we’d actually kind of love to go to the food fair.

4. Non-Stagnant Sex

We don’t need the overly kinky weird stuff we’ve seen on that shady browser we hide from you. But keeping things interesting–trying new positions, upping the intensity on occasion–is one of the most important aspects of yes, keeping the relationship going, but also keeping the guy interested.

The combination of adventurousness and intimacy is impossible to beat. When perfected, longing for someone else just isn’t gonna happen.

5. Great Texting Chemistry

This goes without saying. I think we all know texting chemistry, sadly or not, is absolutely crucial if a couple is even gonna have a chance.

6. Someone with A Life And Friend Group Of Their Own

I once dated a girl “didn’t have any girl friends.” We no longer date.

It’s important for both sides to be “equally busy” — both professionally and socially. If someone becomes more increasingly dependent on the other for social fulfillment, the scale is altered and your days are probably numbered.

7. Someone With A Better Sense Of Humor Than Us

Us guys generally think we’re hilarious. But truth be told — and you girls most certainly know this — the vast majority of us aren’t as close to as funny as we think we are.

A girl who is able to call us out on that shortcoming — and than outdo it with a humor arsenal of their own — is a surefire keeper.

8. Someone That Makes Us Want To Protect And Provide

Some weird masculine instinct, and one of the few times you’ll see us really putting our #feelings out there. But if you’re hurting or are in need of something, we want to be there for you. And we want you to want us to be there for you.

9. Someone Worthy Of Bragging About Our High School Reunions

If it’s clear that our high school friends/acquaintances/bullies are confused as to why such an awesome person like you would end up with a such a schlub like us, it’s guaranteed we’re gonna look to put a ring on it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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