6 Signs He’s Completely Fallen For You

There’s a lot of articles floating around the internet that ask questions like the one above. How do you know you know your man is totally in? What are the signs that he’s totally in lvoe?

I’ve  noticed that a lot of the time, these sorts of pieces aren’t written by the gender doing the actual falling. As someone who’s fallen both physically and metaphorically, here are a few things to look out for if you’re wondering if your man is truly invested:

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1. His Friends Know Weirdly Specific Things About Your Life

This means that when you’re not around, he talks about you non-stop. To the point where even amongst his friends, he talks about how you have strong opinions on hummus. When your strong hummus opinions reach conversations you are not a part of, it means that the person relaying that information is in love with you.

2. He Surprises You

As in, completely out of left field. With ice cream, with a book, with anything. When you least expect it. And in a way that’s clear he doesn’t expect anything in return.

3. He’s Willingly Stopped Watching Workaholics/ESPN/Adult Swim

Not that a guy has to give up his chill-time in order to be in love. It’s just that he’d rather drive over to your apartment and hang rather than laze on the couch and do what he’d otherwise be doing. This is a big step — it shows that hanging out with you, no matter what you may be doing together — is one of his favorite leisure activities.

4. He Communicates. Everything.

Everything from telling that he loves you, to telling about the person he saw on the street with the weird shoelaces — the sort of shoelaces someone like Zane would wear.

As shown by that last sentence, your communication borderlines on its own language, which is something you can only develop if you guys communicate in that sort of manner on the reg.

5. He Openly Talks About The Future

I’ve said this in a few articles — the way the future is discussed is generally the most obvious read on any relationship. If he’s talking about the future like it’s obvious, he’s clearly in it for the long haul. Or at least hopes he is.

6.  He Would Do Anything For You

Not as in jump in front of a moving truck, or shoot up a bunch of Swedish villains. I’m more talking driving 4 hours in the middle of the night to pick up your relative from a shady situation, or spend months on end motivating you and helping you get through the rougher times of med schools. If he embraces the trenches, it means there’s nowhere he’d rather be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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