26 People On The Most Ridiculous Rule They’ve Encountered In The Workplace Or School

Billy Madison
Billy Madison

Found on AskReddit.

1. MrMikeySanz

Zero tolerance on fights, so if there’s a 6’6″ 280 kid beating the shit out of you you’re not allowed to fight back at all our you’re just as guilty. I see why it’s a rule but still very stupid rule

2. lucy668

Kids having to take their shoes off in the gym because the floors had just been shined. Playing floor hockey with little bare feet everywhere hurts.

3. TitusVandronicus

The crystal light packets the lunchroom sold in middle school were banned outside of lunch because kids kept snorting the powder.

4. SpanxTheMonkey

my high school still tried to make us ask to go to the restrooms, and they could deny you if they wanted to. and you got a write up if you left anyway

5. theac15

no high fives or fist bumps in middle school. “safety reasons and makes people feel left out”

6. HotPikachuSex

I went to a fairly crowded high school that went way over the top with its policy for being late to class. The slow-moving crowds would often make it difficult to make it to your next class on time if it was far away. Still, if a security guard caught you entering a class even a moment late, they’d follow you into the room and escort you to the detention room where you’d have to sit and do nothing instead of learning stuff.

7. TheTacoKnight

At my old school it was very strict, it had a rule that you not eat a banana normally you had to break it into little pieces as it was too much off a sexual act.

8. acoustic_phil

My friend worked somewhere that did not allow mobile phones in the office, and no computer had internet.

They were not doing secret or secure work or anything, we’re just worried about viruses etc…

9. crazygeorgesdaughter

My old boss would make up new rules whenever she felt like it. My favorite after being there nearly a year, she runs out of her office, I mean throwing doors open looking all over like there’s a fire or something. New rule, “I don’t know if I told you but there is a no popcorn rule.” Most dramatic protest of popcorn I’ve ever witnessed.

10. Soyala

It is against the rules to wear costumes on halloween, but we are allowed to wear them any other day.

11. trollsalot1234

no sex in the confrence room. They had a sign on the door.

12. LeeBean13

The last places I worked you weren’t allowed to use your cellphone (you got written up if you did) and you weren’t allowed to use the word “problem” you had to say “challenge”. oh and this is a large corporation and these rules were meant for the managers / supervisors.

13. blubablubb

No laughing during work, we are a serious establishment – Burger King (in Germany)

14. JRParrott

We had a fine for cell phone usage in high school. Our parents were required to pick it up from the office and pay the fine, and we were not allowed to use the school’s phone to call our parents and tell them. The administration should be put on the sex offenders list for all the kids they fucked.

15. pickle_meister

At my school we must have our hats on in the covered areas, and we can be given a detention for wearing the wrong socks or forgetting a belt, or leaving your top button undone in the middle of the Australian summer while wearing a tie….

16. OnlyOnThursday

We weren’t allowed to have co-ed sleepovers. That doesn’t even have anything to do with the school, but it was on the list of rules and we had to sign the list swearing to abide when we enrolled. I didn’t stay there very long before getting kicked out, but the place was ridiculous trying to run the personal lives of the kids. I honestly feel like the headmistress started the school just to control people.

17. stinkybunny6

My senior year of high school one guy brought a gun and the other brought the bullets. Both were special ed. Because of this incident, girls were no longer allowed to have purses, and pencil bags and wallets were also no longer allowed (backpacks had been banned before this incident). All bags had to be see through and fit in the vice principal’s front pocket.

18. OctopusGoesSquish

My university takes attendance.


19. SundanceMan

At the end of the first day at my new job, I asked if I could go home. The shift ended at 8:00, and it was 8:15. A manager pulled me aside and told me not to do that ever again.

“It’s a little rude. What you should do is ask the customer-experience leader if he needs you to stay. That way you notify him of the end of your shift without sounding like a jerk.”

This bothered me. “But what if he asks me to stay? Do I say ‘oh, no, I was only being polite,’ or am I actually expected to stick around for an hour or two past the end of my shift?”

“You stay.”

I show up on time. I show up ten minutes before I need to. If they can’t extend the same courtesy by letting me leave when I’m scheduled to leave, then I don’t think they deserve the employees they have, especially when we’re getting paid what would be a criminal wage in some states. I’m looking for a new job, and will hopefully have one before Black Friday. Polo sucks, and if you’re a European tourist visiting Florida (most of our customers), skip it.

20. space-heater

It wasn’t a written down rule, but the boss at my last job said that we had to run instead of walk around the office to save time and make us more productive & efficient. “Ah, yeah boss…that sounds like a great idea.”

21. nintendo_heckamoto

If I wear a shirt with a brand symbol (Polo rider, Nike swoosh) on it the symbol is supposed to be covered with tape. I never cover mine with tape.

22. snapyourvitals

At Applebees you are allowed to drink alcohol at the one you work at, at least 4 hours before a shift. So you work at 5 pm, you can go in and get wasted before 1pm.

23. Browntown613

When I was in elementary school, the people who worked in the office would supervise us during lunch.

Well, we weren’t allowed to eat sugary foods for whatever dumb fucking reason, yet the bitch who supervised us would be munching HUMONGOUS puddings.


24. DanVade

Employees must wash hands.

Pfft you ain’t the boss of me.

scratches taint

25. Faceless_Echo

There was a guy I went to high school with who was a straight A student. He was expelled his senior year because of dress code violations. The violations consisted mainly of wearing black socks.

26. grunt1171

Freshmen have to shout menus in the halls three sets of 15 times a day, memorized. They have to run everywhere in the dorms, staying in the center of the hallway, and must ‘square’ every corner and yell when doing so. Also, they cannot use any kind of media, despite being issued a laptop and headphones. That’s only scratching the surface.

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