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8 Signs You’re A Compassionate Badass

A badass is perceived to be someone who may strut around with confidence in a room full of strangers. Their demeanor says, “I don’t take any B.S from anyone.” They may come off as tough, rebellious, or aggressive. They are intimidating and ooze a charismatic charm while never having to oversell themselves to impress others. Magnetic yet unapologetic.

However, a badass doesn’t necessarily have to be mean, arrogant, a bully, or a troublemaker. Besides, there is a more civilized class of badasses, unlike their savage counterparts. They may come off as friendly, charming, and relatively more approachable at first. But if anyone tries to take advantage of their kindness, they will leave the other person appalled and bewildered. These ladies and gentlemen may or may not stand out from the crowd, but they are often the ones who would prefer to indulge in a conversation with the bartender instead of wasting their time and energy being flaky while trying to fit in. They can be genuine yet nonchalant.

Yes, and if you can relate yourself to this latter category, then you, my friend, are a Compassionate Badass. You could be a man or a woman who has a spine of steel with a heart of gold. Nothing makes or breaks you until you decide. You are a driven and compassionate human being. You are empathetic and friendly, yet think differently and dare to speak your mind. You have the audacity to do things others only wish to do, and you never give up. So here are the eight signs that may affirm that you are a compassionate badass.

1. You know your self-worth and will not settle for anything less.

You only commit when there is an equal give and take of love and respect and impassively cut ties with any sort of toxic relationship. You don’t take crap from people and choose to walk your path, even if it may mean walking alone for a while, because you know you’ll eventually find your soul tribe.

2. You are a rebellious dreamer.

People may call you delusional or Utopian, but you are very well aware that a far better world can be created by having a vision and good intentions. You believe that life holds greater meaning and there is more than meets the eye. Societal norms are not something you find yourself complying with, and you often lock horns with people in authority.

 3. You lead with love.

You are a natural leader and are empathetic, kind, and compassionate towards yourself and others. You have good intentions and can lead with love. You are a nature and animal lover and have respect towards God’s creations.

4. You have your boundaries, and you respect others’ too.

You don’t invade anyone’s privacy until invited. You give space to others and often mind your own business. Besides, you always have a lot to do with your own time instead of being nosy.

5. You’re a hard worker.

You have dreams; you are ambitious and a go-getter. You never hesitate to pursue your passion and be creative in your approach towards life. You are a hard worker and have never been afraid to get your hands dirty while trying new things in life.

6. Trash opinions don’t matter to you.

You don’t weigh yourself down with other people’s opinions. Their opinion is not your problem. You do you and stay away from energy vampires.

7. You are a visionary and want to give back to society.

You always have two sets of goals, personal and philanthropic. You want to contribute to the world with your work and want to make an impact.

8. You know how to have fun.

Last but not least, you are a fun person to be around. You have no place for boring and mundane stuff and often look for challenges. You also know when to let your hair down and go bananas! Stay happy regardless of how hard it gets. You know when to take a breather. In short, you know how to strike a balance in your life.

A compassionate badass is a genuinely confident person, a true-blue badass. They can be anyone from your loyal friend to a family member who has your back. They are caring, nurturing angels but can turn into your protector when you need them. So, if you have such a person in your life, consider yourself lucky, and if you are one yourself, I salute you and welcome you to the tribe.

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Deepti Singh

Writer, Opinion Columnist On Spirituality and Mental Health