Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss


Losing someone is not at all times a sour loss. Oftentimes, losing someone has a negative connotation on its own, but losing isn’t at all bad and negative. We lose people every day, every hour and every second. While we acknowledge the fact that not everyone who enters our lives will stay for quite some time, losing someone isn’t at all times a loss.

In the five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes that guarantee us a year in our existence, think of the people who are important to you. Think of all the times they were there when you needed them, the times they celebrated with you, danced through your victory parties and lent you a shoulder to cry on. Think of the people who made an impact in your life, those who left an imprint, a lesson and a scar. Now do a grueling task of picking out which one should stay and which types of people you have to let go of.

It’s never an easy task to let go of the people who matter to us, but we have to let go to be able to build new relationships. We have to grow up and move forward because life doesn’t have a dead end, there are always those twist and turns that make it more interesting. Come to think of it, who would want to get stuck in the same bubble for the past ten years?

People change. Circumstances change. Don’t ever get caught up between them. Sure, you hangout a lot, talk about random stuff or do errands for each other; but do know that times change and ‘what used to be’ might not be ‘what would be’, or better yet, ‘what could be’. Don’t get wound up against their endless promises to catch up or give you a ring. The truth is, not everyone has the luxury of time to fulfill everything they have said. Amidst those empty words you never get tired of hearing, think of this: You could always be their option, but when will you ever become their choice?

In a world that begs for attention and the desire to be acknowledged and admired for the all things that we are, remember that you too, are someone of importance. You don’t need people to tell you that you are important to them. What matters most is how you perceive your importance to others and not the other way around. So cut those old, loose ties, because they are bound to make you a better person.

Move on, because sticking with the wrong people won’t do you good. Leave them, because it is the only rational thing you could do to save yourself. Don’t look back, because there’s nothing more hurtful than letting them hold you back. Challenge yourself, because change doesn’t start without a spark of curiosity. Take risks, because they don’t define your comfort zone. Keep moving forward, because you are bound for an even greater adventure without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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