You Will Be Okay


The first time we saw each other it seemed our eyes kept meeting, but then months later we met up yet again and everything seemed to pick up from there. Whenever I was with you I felt safe and opened up my heart to let you stay because it felt so right. You reach that place where you just let everything go and are able to be yourself and let loose of all the insecurities that surround you. He is your heart; the one thing that keeps you smiling from day to day and the reason you keep working hard so you can reach your dreams and finally build a life together.

All you ever wanted is for someone to love you for you. Someone who can be a shoulder to cry on when you’re having a bad day, your PMS is making you cry because you realized The Notebook wasn’t based off a true story, you are out of chocolate and wine, or your mom just finished her cancer treatments and you have a whole new aspect of the world and want to celebrate that with someone who you hope to one day grow old with.

Money is not ever an issue, they could flip burgers for the rest of their life and as long as they were willing to ride the wave through the storm with you and make you feel special because you are all that really matters. When you can feel someone’s love for you, that power alone is enough to set you free.

Everything has been so perfect, but you start to feel a little distant so you ask a question, and don’t get the answer you were hoping for. It is better that you let everything out now, all your feelings and your emotions get the best of you because congratulations you fell in love. You let your guard down and now you feel like you are sailing in the ocean in a boat and going no where. You see no land, you hear no voices, everything is silent. Your heart grows cold with hurt because you thought you knew. You were so centered around the fact that they were it for you, the one, your future but found that they didn’t see the same in your eyes.

You take a step back. Continuing to overanalyze the situation until it makes you sick. Checking your phone every twenty seconds to see if he called, texted- anything. In this instant you realize that it isn’t anything about yourself that made this happen, you are perfect so just stop. I will be the first one to tell you that it will be okay. You are not the only person who is suffering from a broken heart. You are better than this.

You may feel like love will never make its way to your heart again but it will. It could be tomorrow, or a year from now, but it will come. You will open your heart to another again. You will find your other half, they are out there searching for you right now. Guaranteed the one who broke your heart will not find another like you. You are passionate about life and love. You don’t take the small things for granted, you love with your full heart. If you are not one of the very rare who find their lifelong partner early in life, then you will get hurt. Even if this is the one, he will still hurt you at times- you will fight, breakup, but if he is the one he’s not going anywhere, but right now he needs his space.

So it’s back to the drawing board for you, starting from scratch. You’re young — too young to not have fun and to be worried about a boy who did not hand you his heart. You are a high value woman who cannot and will not settle for less than she deserves. Any guy would kill to have you, you’re a catch.. It is going to be okay, be confident in that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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