10 Reasons Why I Wish I Had A Sister When I Was Growing Up

I am the only daughter in my family with two older brothers. They are the greatest brothers in the world and I love them to an endless extent, but I really wish that I had a sister growing up. Although brothers are great, there are so many things that a sister does for her sister than what a brother does for his sister, and sometimes, I believe it’s those things that makes having a sister (for a girl) more beneficial than having a brother.

1. Yes, your mom can take on that role of being a guide and confidant. And if you’re really close to her, she will understand and hear you out. But at the same time, a daughter is usually more comfortable speaking to her sister about her problems. Most of the time, it’s awkward for a daughter to approach her mom about a problem, but if you have a sister, she’s most likely been through it (more recently than your mom has) and may even have amazing advice.

2. Getting your period is so much less of a nightmare when you have a sister. Who better than to teach you about the difference between pads and tampons? I didn’t have a sister and my mom only used pads all her life, so I had to learn through YouTube videos how to put in a tampon (Yikes!) If only I had a sister who could of told me sooner that tampons are so much better than pads.

3. Ever need to go somewhere but have nothing to wear? Don’t worry — if you have a sister, you can raid her closet! The best part of having a sister (despite how annoying it may get sometimes) is sharing clothes. You’re never going to feel like you have nothing to wear to that party.

4. When your group of friends gets into a fight with you, you’re always going to have one friend to hang out with. You’re always going to have someone to talk to. You’re always going to have someone to be there for you. And you will ALWAYS have someone to talk some sense into your friends. And guess who that is? Your sister.

5. Have you ever been to a family event and not know anyone there? Girls tend to be more shy and introverted than boys. But if you were to have a sister by your side, it would be so much easier to approach people and make new friends.

6. When a boy breaks your heart, your sister is always going to be there to try and cheer you up. Most likely, your sister has been through the same. And despite how amazing your friends are, your sister is LITERALLY constantly by your side. She’ll be there, always, to constantly cheer you up and make you realize that the boy you once loved was never worth your time.

7. A sister can teach another sister how to love herself. She will be there during difficult times when you feel like it is the end of the world, but she will help you realize that when times get tough, things get better. A great way to gain confidence is to watch how your sister is able to lift her head up and move forward, because it will show you that if your own blood is able to do it, then so can you.

8. You will always have someone to go shopping with! If your girlfriends are busy and aren’t in the mood to shop, you can just drag your sister along with you.

9. If it’s 2 in the morning and you can’t sleep, you will have your sister to speak to. You can spill your secrets and she will listen. Maybe she isn’t a friend to your group of friends, so who better to spill your secrets to about other people. You know she won’t have anyone to tell those secrets to. So, it’s easy to trust her and pour your heart out to.

10. As sad as this may sound, it’s the truth. Once you grow up and your friends are all married with children, your friendships will become too hectic to keep up with. The main person in your life that you’ll always be able to rely on is your sister. If you need someone to babysit your children, you will have her. Of course we all have our own problems, but you know that even when you both have separate lives with your own families, your sister will be the person on speed dial who will do anything to help out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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