17 Uncomfortable Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Woman

Alvin Mahmudov

1. It feels “right.”

What does that even mean? It’s impossible to explain. But you’ll notice when it feels right. Trust me.

2. She’s your rock.

When the shit hits the fan, she helps you pick up the pieces. When you’re dealing with a hard situation, she’s got your back.

3. You’d die for her.

On a hike with my partner, I realized: “If we ever got attacked by a bear, I’d sacrifice myself for her safety.” That’s when I knew I really loved her.

4. Her needs matter.

It’s not all about YOU and what you want to do. You make an effort to plan dates around her interests. Your needs count (but so do hers). There’s a balance. Find it.

5. Drama comes to a halt.

Arguments happen, but you don’t hold a grudge. You let that shit go. There’s no drama or mind games. You fight clean. (It’s more fun to save the dirty stuff for the bedroom.)

6. Her mind turns you on.

It’s not just her body. Her brain is hot, too. In fact, it’s on fire. You could listen to her speak for hours. Her words arouse your curiosity and intellect. She tells the best stories. They’re so vivid and insightful.

7. She’s not weird about her phone.

You know how some people cover up their smartphone whenever you even look in its direction? Yeah, that’s not shady at all. No more of that funny business! She invites you inside her phone world without being awkward about it.

8. Life starts to resemble a fairy tale.

She makes you so happy that you’re constantly sporting a shit-eating grin. You can’t recall anybody else making you feel so enthusiastic. All of your ex-girlfriends seem like terrible decisions in comparison. What the fuck were you thinking?

9. You can’t get her out of your thoughts.

It’s good to have healthy boundaries and hobbies that don’t involve your life partner (or “soul mate”). Still, you can’t help missing her when you’re not together. She makes everything seem better somehow. This is the part where you send a text that says: “I wish you were here.”

10. Other women seem less hot all of a sudden.

You go to the bar. There are attractive women everywhere. They barely even register on your radar. You’re too busy looking forward to the next time you’ll see her. I wonder what she’s doing now? Hint: Shes probably wondering the same thing about you (or watching television – who knows?).

11. You bring your conscious presence to the party.

When you’re with her, you don’t over-analyze the future or relive the past. Instead, you enjoy the present moment together. Why would you want to do anything else when you’re in the company of someone so incredible? You lose all sense of time. Minutes turn into hours before you realize it.

12. You don’t worry about the “best” time to text her.

When you’re with the right woman, you won’t waste a minute of your time with such trivial nonsense. You’ll contact her whenever you miss her (unless that’s a constant state, then maybe tone it down a bit). She wants to bond with you. Don’t play games. Start conversations. Ask questions. Get to know her.

13. Your friends wonder what the heck happened to you.

They haven’t heard from you in weeks, so they have a reason to be concerned. Tell them you’re alive! It’s just that you met a woman so amazing that you spent every night at her house for a month in a row. You’ll catch-up soon. Just not right now. Never waste a good honey-moon phase! That’s my mantra…

14. She’s seen (and accepted) you at your best and worst.

Who’s perfect? Nobody I know. Life is a roller-coaster. It includes ups and downs. She gets that idea. You’re not flawless. That’s okay. Neither is she. You accept each other (on good and bad days). There’s no leftover bitterness. You resolve conflict before it has time to fester and grow into something bigger.

15. You want to wake up with her whenever humanly possible.

You might not cuddle in your sleep (because let’s be real – it gets hot and uncomfortable quick!), but it’s still nice to see your lover first thing in the morning. Can’t imagine a greater way to start your day? She sounds like a keeper. Is it already time for the ‘living together’ chat? Wow! That sneaked up on you.

16. She makes every moment special, no matter what you’re doing.

You don’t have to be doing anything fancy. You enjoy every day and night spent with her, regardless of the specifics. It could be as extravagant as taking a cruise or intercontinental trip. Or it could be as simple as staying home to snuggle, make-out, have sex, eat pizza, watch Netflix, and have sex again.

17. You love her more than you knew it was possible to love a person.

You’ve never loved somebody so much. And amazingly, she loves you back. How did you get so lucky? It beats me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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