The Best TV Series On Netflix That You Haven’t Watched Yet

The Killing: Season One
The Killing: Season One

There are some great TV series on Netflix, and when you read this headline you probably thought I was going to recommend Orange Is The New Black but I’m not. Sometimes great TV shows slide past our viewing schedules when they air live because they do not always draw the same buzz as The Walking Dead, Mad Men, or even Dexter. I certainly missed out on watching this show while it was on the air, only to be blown away when watching the entire first season in less than a week on Netflix.

The title of the series really misrepresents what the show is actually about. I know I passed over it many times when seeing a commercial for it on AMC.

All the components of historically great series this series also has.

I’m sure you have heard of it before, but passed over it many times just like me, but just give me two paragraphs to explain why you HAVE TO watch The Killing on Netflix.

The Story

The Killing may mislead you with the title; the show is not about multiple murders or the gory details that lie within. At the heart of The Killing is a great mystery shrouded with political maneuvering that would make Frank Underwood from House of Cards jealous.

Just when you think you have things figured out, (even advanced level TV watchers like myself) The Killing flips what you think you know, and shows that you really have no clue what is going on. And if you love cliffhangers, The Killing will make you glad the entire series is available to watch all at once on Netflix. If you think you have a problem telling yourself “just one more episode” when getting engrossed in other shows on Netflix, The Killing will make you sink to an all time low, and that is a good thing.

Great Characters

The Killing has extremely memorable lead characters. Linden (a cop who is a single mother) is one of the strongest yet identifiable flawed female characters I’ve ever seen on TV.

Holder is possibly the best cop sidekick (although he emerges as the star of the show) of all time, and as a character Holder stands toe-to-toe with some of the best TV characters of all time (think Sawyer from Lost mixed with a hint of a new age thinking Eminem).

As the seasons progress Holder (played by Joel Kinnaman) will become one of your most beloved TV characters ever.

An Unfinished Series

The Killing is comprised of three seasons each of which builds upon the other, until the final discovery is made; which opens up an entire new storyline (no spoilers) that will suck you in.

The sad news is that ultimately AMC ended up canceling The Killing not once, but twice, leaving us with the ultimate cliffhanger after the third and final season. So at the end of the series, you are left wanting more, with nothing more to watch… until Netflix recently saved the day. A few weeks ago Netflix stepped in and saved The Killing from death by cancellation one more time. A fourth and final season has been recently ordered up by Netflix to air exclusively on Netflix.

For Linden and Holder fans (if you’re not one yet, you will be) this announcement is the equivalent of Breaking Bad coming back for just one more season. The best news of all: you have plenty of time to catch up on the first three seasons of The Killing (though it probably won’t take you more than a week to devour all of the episodes) before the series goes out like it was intended to. TC Mark

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