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Dear God—I Am No Longer In A Rush To Meet My Soulmate

I used to be eager. I spent my days wishing and hoping for you to give him to me. I used to feel lonely and frustrated when I saw other happy couples. I wanted love so badly: there was a hole in my heart and it consumed my soul. I was driven by this compulsion to find my soulmate; I believed that I could not find happiness without someone else. I thought I needed someone else to complete me.

But growing in my faith changed me. I knew that Your everlasting reckless love completed my soul. And that everything happens in Your perfect timing. I matured and became a better Christ follower. Suddenly I was happy by myself and in fact was put off by the idea of another relationship.

Better yet: I know that You will bring my person into my life when we are both ready. That all the heartbreak and wrong relationships would be worth it. And I know that I am not ready for him yet. I am not the Godly woman that he will need to support and love him. I don’t want to meet him until I know I can be that woman for him.

I want to find myself and explore the world: experience Your creation and love for the world and all the people in it. I want to grow as much as I possibly can on my own before we can grow together.

I pray that You take care of him with all of Your overwhelming love. I pray that You remind him that one day we will meet and every tragedy will be worth it.

I pray that we meet when You know we are ready to love one another. Until then: guide us and allow us to fulfill Your purpose- so that we may grow and our paths may cross when the time is right. TC mark

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