Read This When You Feel Like You Have No Control Over Your Life

Have you ever felt so lost in your life, it’s as if you are mindlessly wandering- with no destination and no clue how to get there? It has been over a month since I have written an article; over a month since I have written down a poem or formulated a short story. Over a month. Six months ago… I wrote at least twice a day.

Growing up we are told that one day we will reach a point in our lives where we will question everything: from our future careers to our goals in life. Never in my life did I imagine that one question would determine all my answers to these overwhelming questions.

Who am I?

The truth is that so many questions spread out from this one question; like an intricate spiderweb with one seemingly insignificant question at the center- holding the spiderweb together. What do I want to study? What career do I want? Who do I want to end up with? What do I want to spend the rest of my life doing?

My disastrous mistake was thinking that I could figure everything out in ten seconds flat. One little question? How hard can that be to answer. I thought I could box myself in, put a carefully printed out label on myself. But I can’t.

An excruciatingly hard truth for control freaks, such as myself, to come to terms with is the following: You have no control over life.

Life happens; plans get messed up and things change. We try so hard to plan out our lives to gain some form of control but the truth is that we have no power. Why on earth did I think that I could control life?

I am at the mercy of life- I’m simply along for the ride. As are we all.

Take a deep breath. Stop overthinking. Listen to your heart. Follow that little voice inside of you. And let life light the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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