21 Changes You’ll Experience Between Your 20’s And Your 30’s

The road between your 20’s and your 30’s is paved with gold—LOL jk, it’s paved with asphalt made from your biggest mistakes and smallest triumphs. Those things blend together surprisingly well, especially when mixed by comedian and illustrator Mo Welch in her Barely Blair series, which depicts a fresh thirty-something dealing with the realness that is growing older (without necessarily growing up). Here are 21 changes you *might* experience during the magical time that is “…30?”

1. You learn to ask the right questions

2. You pamper yourself

3. Your friends start making big announcements

4. You learn how important it is to say “yes!” and “…no”

5. You make resolutions more often

6. You might start a family

7. You don’t need other people’s approval

8. You get closer to nature

9. You try a balanced diet

10. You learn how to really celebrate the holidays

11. You learn to love the little things

12. You take care of those closest to you

13. You figure out the right way to sext

14. You realize you don’t need therapy to be happy

15. You have a greater appreciation for your favorite children’s books

16. You become more honest

17. You become…even more honest

18. You finally understand certain truisms that used to go way over your head

19. You know how to have fun and just be SiNgLe

20. You develop cat-like agility

21. You no longer fear death…because you know there are worse things

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