How To Know You’re Falling In Love


You will know love once you find it. It will awaken you, crashing into your life, booming uncontrollably so loud you’ll be unable to ignore it. The kind of love you’ll find, one day, when you’re least expecting it, will make you question all your previous romances. Once upon a time, you thought you knew love. You thought you knew how it felt to have the stars align. You thought you knew how it felt to feel the world quiver beneath your feet.

But this love you’ll find, it won’t compare to the ones before it. It’ll be different because we only get one love – one of the once-in-a-lifetime kind of loves.

This one love, it’ll be with someone you least expect. He won’t fit in to your mold, your preconceived idea of what he’ll look like, sound like, or how his fingertips will feel as they trail against your silky flesh. He’ll be the opposite of what you imagined. When this love finally finds you, you’ll come to understand that you still have a lot to learn – about love, vulnerability, and of passion. He’ll stare at you, caramel colored eyes dancing in the summer rays beaming through your window, and you’ll find out that who stands before you is still a mystery you need to unravel. Let it be.

Be sure to never fall in love with someone who you know completely. The challenge is to find a love that is always changing, always growing. The reason for this is because people are consistently evolving. With every new experience, every failure, people’s way of living, their choices, their inspirations, are changing like the tide. Their viewpoints shift. Their mindsets broaden. Every new occurrence opens them to opportunities to become a better person, love harder, to make life their Everest. Fall in love with the kind of soul who doesn’t mimic yours – because that is what will precisely make you two work. Become one with your opposite – find a counterpoint, a balance from his soul to yours.

When you fall in that deep kind of love, you should know instantly that you’ve found the one.

You should fall, precisely within this moment when your heart, your head, and the stars dangling above you, seemingly align. Their stories have become the tales your heart craves to ingest every night before the midnight comes. Their voice must linger in your ears, and become your soothing lullaby. Crave their hands wrapped around your waist, tugging at the flesh off your bones. You should realize instantly that their laughter is the remedy for any of your heart wrenching moments – love lost, heartbreak, solitude rooted out of hopelessness. Through them, you will uncover that you’ve found your solace. Everything that once never made sense, will circle you, and the clouds will fade away, and everything before you will be clear; you’ll see, for the first time ever, in all of your life. You’ve found love, and light, and life will carry on like it never had before this moment, before love, before you, before them, before everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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