5 Differences Between The Wrong Guy & The Right Guy

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights

He swung his feet against the cold hardwood flooring. His gut was spilling over his boxer shorts: plain black with nothing but the outline of his manhood peering out from beneath it. He belched. Loudly. The soft dim from the hotel room ceiling light cast a mild shadow across his body. He slipped on his shoes to kiss me goodbye. He promised he’d call me the next day. He said that we’d grab lunch sometime – sometime soon. His lips tasted like me when I grazed his mouth. And then he left, and I never heard from him again. 


All of a sudden it went from zero to sixty – from his hands grazing my cheeks, to every part of our bodies being intertwined. It started out with his kiss, lovingly and beautiful. He ran his fingertips through my hair. I could smell his cologne as we moved closer together. Our pulses…racing. Him, never taking his eyes off me and me, wishing he never would. I woke up beside him, his arms still cupped around me, shielding me in his warm embrace. He kissed my nose. I could taste the scent of love beginning to blossom on my lips. And then he made us both a cup of coffee.

As the former queen of bad relationships, I began to reflect upon the differences between the right kind of guy and the wrong kind of guy. This is all subjective, however…(Number One is the wrong kind of guy)!


The Wrong Guy is the kind of guy you settle for. He’s the one you convince yourself you can be with. You can tolerate his lack of follow through, his deceptive stories, and his shitty persona if it means he can grab a bite to eat with you once a month. You hate how he’s never around, yet you rationalize that this is better than nothing.

The Right Guy is the kind of guy you don’t actually make plans with. You may schedule a dinner here or there, but you both just assume you’ll be spending Saturday night tucked in on the couch with a carton of Chinese food because you both already know there’s no place you’d rather be than nestled up in each other’s arms.

The Wrong Guy makes you question the things you loved about yourself. You never feel at ease sharing pieces of you, because somewhere you know that he just won’t appreciate them.

The Right Guy inspires you, every day. He’s the encouragement that lingers in your mind when you feel too scared to attempt something. He has faith in you.

The Wrong Guy leaves you guessing.

The Right Guy never forgets to tell you how amazing you are, or how beautiful.

The Wrong Guy just scratches the surface of who you are.

The Right Guy loves the way you get excited when you talk about how passionate you are about wanting to change the world.  You can see it in his eyes, and his lips when they curl over.

The Wrong Guy loves you for what you can provide to him. Whether it’s money, or sex, or confidence, he likes what you can do for him. You’re his ego boost.

The Right Guy loves you for how you make him feel. He loves how worried you get when he’s feeling upset. He loves how you’ll tell him a funny joke just to make him laugh. He loves the way that no matter what challenges he’s facing, you’ll be there to support him, to love him unconditionally. You’re not just his ego boost, he’s yours.

The Right Guy is the one you never have to be anyone but yourself around, because he’s the one who loves you for exactly being the right girl for him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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