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It Took Staring Into The Eyes Of A Man Begging On The Street To Make Me Realize How Heartless The World Has Become

“Honestly, y’all can keep your change. I just need a smile today. Can someone please just give me a smile?” Through my music, my stream of consciousness inner monologue, and the sounds of the city, my heart breaks. Removing both earbuds this time, I turn on my heel to see him sitting on his bucket, smiling out with open arms, simply asking for the return of human compassion.

I Decided Not To Blame Myself For Him Leaving

Despite knowing me a great deal, he chose someone else. He had his reasons; maybe it was about me, maybe it was about his other option, more than likely it was about both and more. But, here’s the spoiler and the best part, it doesn’t matter.

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