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Missed Connection: Marriage Proposal In A Pancake At A Pennsylvania Farmhouse

Before we finally went to bed, you loaned me a beat-up tee shirt with some paint stains from when you painted your apartment back when you first moved to Manhattan in 2011. We ended up talking about our experiences in New York, and we totally agreed on how it’s a great place to be when you’re young, but unless you’re a “bajillionaire,” it’s not really a feasible place to raise kids.

Why Nearly Every Famous Quote Is Wrong

By quoting someone you are also making a statement about yourself – you are aligning yourself with their values. Those who quote Hemingway are paradigmatically different from those who quote Fitzgerald. Those who quote Twain’s travel observations might think it crass to also quote Anthony Bourdain’s.

The Problem With “Green Restaurants”

The first time I dined at the New York Grill in the Park Hyatt Tokyo (for a special occasion of course), I had what it’s most famous for: steak. A clean-cut waiter recommended the Grilled Yonezawa sirloin, and as I slowly cut, ate, and took in the 52nd-floor view, I realized the intrinsic irony of the situation.

Why Is Emma Watson So Lovely?

The question though that must be posed is whether Emma Watson — or any celebrity really — is actually as devastatingly lovely in person as she seems on screen and in interviews.

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