17 Weird Habits We All Have But Won’t Admit It

We all think we’re unique, but let’s be honest: we’re a lot more similar than we’d care to admit. Even the notion of thinking you’re unique is inherently not unique. While a lot of us have a few kooky quirks here and there — and maybe a few really are exclusive to you (please do tell) — for the most part, we’re all cut from the same cloth. A few of the weird habits we all share:

1. Tucking yourself tightly under the covers so things can’t get you.

2. Cupping water in your hands from the shower then dumping it all out like a giant waterfall.

3. Liking things that are universally loved, but pretending it’s a unique side of you. “Oh my god I love Audrey Hepburn. If I could be anyone it would be her. So sophisticated and classic.”

4. Thinking of a great comeback about four hours too late.

5. Using the “view as” button on Facebook with the sole purpose of seeing how our profile looks to our crush

6. Stripping down to your underwear almost immediately upon getting home. Door closes. Bam! Naked!

7. Claiming to read an entire book when really you just started it, got bored, then watched the movie instead or just browsed the Wiki page. “Yeah of course I’ve read Ulysses and War and Peace.”

8. Remembering something funny from like two years ago and then laughing hysterically. Then, when you’re trying to make yourself stop laughing, you just end up laughing more.

9. Turning the sound down in your car when it’s dark out and you’re looking for a house — as if that’ll somehow improve your vision.

10. Saying “Wed-nes-day” phonetically to help you spell it

11. Going to a coffee shop to work but ending up just people watching.

12. Skipping the bottom two stairs (or running up the stairs on all fours at home).

13. Listening to a song over and over again until you get sick of it even though you know this will happen

14. Having a strict dressing order you thoughtlessly adhere to — underwear, pants, shirt, socks, jacket…

15. Faking a yawn or pretending there’s an urgent text to attend to when there’s even a brief bit of awkward silence

16. Patting down your pocket to check for your wallet and keys even if you literally just put them in.

17. Talking to your pets like they’re little people. “Who’s a good little guy? Is it you? Is it you? Yes it is! What a good little boy!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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