17 Real Stories Of Sweet Revenge That Prove Karma Is Real


1. Road rage

I witnessed a road rage incident where a man got out of his car at a red light, went to the door of the driver of a minivan and yelled at the window for a minute. When the light turned green, he went to get back in his car, but his door was locked.

— bemoedee

2. He tried to cut me off

When I was in high school, there was always a bit of a bottleneck to get out of the student parking lot at the end of the day. Basically you had to let people pull out of the aisles as you came down the side so you could leave. I let a car go from the last aisle, and then this guy I knew – the weirdest, douchiest kid in the school, tried to give himself the worst, cringiest nicknames on multiple occasions – darted out in front of me and then he and the dipshits in his car started pointing and laughing at me.

While he was looking back at me, he rear-ended the car in front of him

— CantFindMyWallet

3. Seriously, stop cutting people off

I was commuting into Atlanta for a work matter, dude in a nice car was cutting lanes and going like 90 mph. Two cars in front of me he cuts off a Dodge Charger, and it flicks on its undercover lights. It made my day since Atlanta traffic was terrible and everyone living in GA knew that, but it was douchebags like this that would take your commute time from an hour to 2 hours because they were careless and crashed.

— nudeandrude01

4. Victory for customer service over customer

Got to work and immediately got asked to deal with a difficult customer who had rang the store from a parking bay in our carpark. Lady says she has the wrong frozen drink and wants a refund and a replacement (literally a $1), I take out the $1 and try to find out what drink she wants.

She goes off because she also wanted a refund for the fries because the event has made her “sick to her stomach because of bad customer service”. I say that I didn’t know she wanted a full refund as it wasn’t mentioned on the phone (literally as I walked into the office).

She keeps going on about how she is now going to be late for the 4 minutes she spent in park and rants for 5 more minutes about service before I tell her that I’m going to get her refund to try and make sure she still gets to her event. She throws the bag of fries at me hitting me in the chest and I grab it and walk off to get her refund. Keeps yelling until I get back with the $2.60.

Turns out the man behind her watched the whole thing and because she was in a company car he reported her to the company (Tupperware), she was fired that afternoon​. The lady then tried to get me fired saying I caused it and to get compensation, our customer service team laughed at her and eventually my owner had to call her.

When he called her she started swearing at him and he told her “if you’re going to swear at me I’m going to tell Tupperware again” and hung up. Only time I think the abused staff member has actually had a big win in my job.

— Magnum231

5. Actually some good karma

When I was a kid (about 9 or so), my dad and I were at the airport food court eating while waiting on our flight.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I didn’t touch my fries. Rather than throw them away, I asked some lady if she wanted them (free, of course).

When we get to the main lobby for our flight, lo and behold, who do we see? Yup, that same lady.

She was in the main kiosk as a flight agent, and she let us know she gave us a comp upgrade to business class.

That was the first time I had ever flown business class.

— jk021

6. Everyone knew this wouldn’t end well

As a teacher, I get to experience instant karma daily. One that sticks out in particular — I had a student when I was teaching at a middle school who was loud, obnoxious and willing to do anything for attention. We had just finished an exam which required stapled papers in order to be turned in and he kept hitting the stapler against his hand with it open. All I said was “hey, if you keep hitting that stapler against your hand with it open, it probably wont end well for you”

He responded with “I do this all the time, I’ve never been stap… click

Student let’s out the loudest scream I’ve ever heard. Bleeding. Crying. I’m laughing (on the inside hopefully) and sent him out to the office.

— CodeDanger

7. Demon kid getting what he deserved

Last year, I had a student who was just a terrible person. Like, no redeeming qualities, a total pain in the ass, smug as fuck. His mom thought he could do no wrong, and because he had an IEP, she was up every teacher’s ass and tried to tell us how to do our jobs.

So this kid was a sort of low-key bully. Not like putting kids in lockers and shit, but poking fun, taking people’s stuff, just low-grade domestic terrorism against anyone he thought he could assert his power over.

One day, right as the bell rings for the end of class, he walks by this other kid’s desk. I was talking to other kids so I missed some of this part. We’ll call this other kid Doug. Unbeknownst to the terrorist or many other students, Doug is having a hard fucking life. Doug’s cousin OD’d a few months back and Doug is having trouble coping. He has some anger regulation issues. He’s a total sweetheart most of the time, a really great kid and someone I respect a lot. But not having a good year. So the terrorist, on his way past, swipes Doug’s cell phone off the corner of his desk.

Retribution was swift. Doug stood up, grabbed his phone out of the terrorist’s hand, and bopped said terrorist in the nose. It wasn’t a punch, more like what you’d do to an animal to get it to stop doing something or back up. But lo, that hit was juuuust the right velocity and angle and power to give the terrorist a glorious nosebleed. A good one, too, not just a trickle. Double-barrel. Terrorist comes up to me holding his nose and asks to go to the nurse. This is the point at which I get the full story. Neither the terrorist nor Doug denies any part of the story, and Doug is just trying to hold himself together so he doesn’t murder anyone. Before I even say anything to him, he says, “I’ll go see [my guidance counselor].” I write the terrorist a note for the nurse and send him on his way as well.

Of course, Doug got in trouble, as you should for hitting someone, but he took it like a champ and used his in-house suspension time to get caught up on all his work. Later that year, I nominated him for an award and he got to have a fancy lunch and miss two classes to get his award. The terrorist never even looked at Doug again. (I wish I could say that the terrorist changed his ways, but from what little I’ve seen of him this year, he’s worse. Mommy’s little nightmare is going to end up in juvie before he ends up in college.)

— ambut

8. Toddlers are little shits

My 3 year old came out of her room, and punched me in the butt. She turned to run away and ran into the wall. I laughed. Toddlers are little shits.

— MILF_tastic

9. She parked like a jerk

I have a friend with muscular dystrophy. We and some other friends had gone to Mitsuwa (a bitchin’ Japanese grocery store). When we came out, a sports car was parked on the god damn lines between the two handicapped spots. Meaning my friend couldn’t even get in his van because that space is where his ramp needs to come out. We went into the store kinda thinking maybe they could just make an announcement but customer service said to call the cops, so…

We waited for a while, and finally the young lady who’d done this dick move came out of the store and went to get in her car. We told her we’d called the cops and she kinda laughed. No, we REALLY called the cops. Luckily the traffic cop pulled up right that moment! She made the girl move and we were able to go on our way and watch her receive I can only hope a fairly hefty ticket as we went.

— erratastigmata

10. Oops

Trying to get home to my parents for Christmas in a blizzard and a guy started tailgating me on the highway, flashing his lights, the works. This goes on for a mile or so until I slow to a crawl enough for him to get the hint to go around. He speeds off and about a half mile down the road I see him facing the other way on the side of the road.

— mercvt

11. Crazy motorcycle guy

Friend and I were driving and we’re behind a guy on a motorcycle. All of us come to a four-way intersection. Already sitting at the stop sign that’s going to cut across the intersection is another car.

Friend and I slow down and expect the biker to as well because, duh, it’s a four way stop. Biker decides he’s going to blow the stop sign and keep going. But the car that was already there had pulled out and began to cut across the intersection.

The biker slams on his breaks in time and the car comes to a stop just a little past the biker. The biker is pissed and reached out and slaps the back of the car.

Blue lights flicked on. The car was an unmarked cop car. Friend and I die laughing.

— JackReaper333

12. Did the same exact thing

My SO sent me that video of the girl who was trying to make a curling iron tutorial for youtube and accidentally burned her hair off. SO made fun of her pretty relentlessly. She was in the UK at the time visiting her grandmother, had a cheap plug adapter which apparently didn’t account for the voltage difference, and burned her own hair off with her curling iron the next day.

— Moglorosh

13. Not working very hard

Asshole at work was spending all day fucking around on his new phone ( this was when iPhones were new), and showing it off. Before dropping it onto the grill

— xstitchpixel

14. Dad was a HUGE dick

My dad stopped paying my college tuition without telling me (I would have understood if he told me) which resulted in me going to school to register for classes and being told I couldn’t, but I had already signed a semester lease on a condo, and ended having to leave campus shortly after and go back home to work full time until I got off on my own.

Christmas my dad have me a $5 lottery ticket in my stocking and I won $30,000

— RedTeamGo_

15. Insane substitute teacher

In 6th grade we had a substitute who might have been insane. She would show up and start yelling about the most random things. Most people were too afraid to talk when she was in class.

One day she was subbing another class and stopped me on my way to the office. She told me how terrible my class was, and how bad of a person and student I am (I was a quiet straight A kid). I kept walking and she followed. She stared at me while talking and walked into a large metal pole. I just kept walking when she fell to the ground.

— Jock_Ewing

16. Bragged about fucking girls without a condom

Flatmate is a Rugby player. Him & his teammate are in the living room and his teammate is bragging about how he’s been shagging various girls without a condom, crediting his “pullout game”. He’s mid-story of how he hooked up with a hockey girl the previous night & used his trusty pullout method when his phone starts to ring.

It was a different hockey girl that he got with 2-3 weeks before, calling to tell him she was pregnant.

— ParagonStandard

17. He wouldn’t shut up

I was sitting as a guest at dinner at a wedding reception. People were tapping their glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss. One guy at my table got really obnoxious with it and started banging on the glass vase centerpiece, loud and hard. He kept doing it, over and over, every couple of minutes, BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG, until finally it went BONG BONG BONG ploop…

The vase didn’t shatter, instead he put a hole in it. A spoon-size piece of glass broke away and the vase, which was a good 20 inches tall and filled with water, began to empty as water poured out the hole like a spigot, directly into his wife’s lap. I felt bad for her, but oh man that was gratifying.

— JesusSavesAtWalMart Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Very famous IRL (at least to my son!)

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