This Woman’s Clapback To Her Neighbor’s Passive-Aggressive Letter About Noise Is HILARIOUS

Pretty much everyone has had neighbors that have sucked in one way or another. Maybe their dogs never stopped barking? Or maybe they had really loud sex that kept you up at night? Or maybe they posted passive-aggressive letters on your door.

Well, at least one person has had to deal with the passive-aggressive note problem. A woman found this letter left on her door just last week:


The letter’s text, if you need it (because apparently being snarky doesn’t mean you have good handwriting):

Dear assholes,

Why are you so loud after 9pm everyday? Are you fucking sumo wrestlers, or do you possibly have lead fucking feet. Ya’ll are really wild as hell. It was funny @ first, but now you’re just snnoying. Please, calm the fuck down.

Have an axcellent night.

p.s. if you’re selling tickets to the 2 a.m. basketball games let us know.

There are tons of different ways that someone could respond. I would probably be tempted to be really aggressive in response. But this woman decided to do something MUCH funnier.

The letter mentioned tickets, so she decided to give some out:

via Twitter
via Twitter

The “2nd floor bitches” are competing against the “3rd floor lead foot assholes” for the asshole basketball competition. And kids, it is NOT a joke.

This reply was posted on the neighbor’s door who wrote the original request. I guess if you have to be in a fight with your neighbor, it might as well be hilarious! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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