20 People Reveal The ‘Dirty Little Secret’ They Know About Someone Close To Them

Vince Perraud
Vince Perraud


“While on a family trip to Thailand, my mom spent a few days in the hospital. My dad told us that she was sick, but I know she really just got a boob job.”

— holdinyourbreath


“A botany professor at my university managed to impregnate his wife and a colleague within one week. He is now known to some as The Pollinator. He is still married and still works with the mother of his other child.”

— KingJayVII


“I know of a case of a failed attempt at an incestuous relationship.

A man had sex with who both he and she thought was his daughter. She was in her early 20s and he was around 40 or so. He saw her very rarely and the mom wanted nothing to do with him. Didn’t want child support, nearly no contact. After she turned 18 she looked him up, and they had a creepy bond. Neither really knew each other but it was dad and daughter so they tried to make it work.

A few years later they ended up getting shitfaced drunk and having a go at each other. Apparently also happened a few more times sober. They ended up both deciding it was too weird and I don’t think they speak now but I haven’t heard from either in several years.

Turned out when the girl was around 12 the mom made him take a paternity test to settle an argument. It came back he wasnt the father, but mom lied and said the test was positive. She never told the daughter and the man believed he was. So while they did have a creepy father/daughter sexual relationship and will always have that in their memory, they weren’t actually related.

The mother confided in me about the paternity issue. The “father” had confided in me about the ‘incest’ relationship he had with his estranged ‘daughter’

TL;DR I know a girl who did not have sex with her father.”

— NotQuiteIncest12345


“My brother started the fire in our backyard that destroyed half the property and my dads whole shed full of tools.

The fire was centered around the very spot my brother had been sneaking out back at night to smoke, and he would always put the cigs out on the dry pile of logs stacked right next to him. I saw him out there every night cause my window pointed to the back yard, and I was planning to use the information for leverage to get him to take me to Gamestop on Halo 2 launch night. But after the fire I kept my mouth shut; I could tell he felt guilty enough about it since he spent the whole week after helping my dad clean up the damage and repaint/repair what they could.

I still got Halo 2 at midnight, so it had a happy ending.”

— RedBoxPhen


“An individual I know is very anti porn. Speaks out against it on Facebook, stops talking to people if she finds out they watch it, the whole works. Doesn’t stop her from watching it with her back conveniently turned to the wall. She’s also not as discreet as she thinks.”

— Lostsonofpluto


“I know a dirty little secret about myself, that my mother doesn’t know I know.

When I was born, I was given up to a religious services group, but less than a month later, my mother, with the help of my grandparents, hired a lawyer and filed papers to get me back. It took a few months. My uncle (her older brother) told me this a few months ago, and I haven’t brought it up with her. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m not sore about it, in fact, it just goes to show that I was wanted, even if I was an accident.

The people from the service came to my mother when she was still doped up on painkillers the day of my birth. Apparently this was a common practice in the 80’s and earlier.”

— the_dastard


“My aunt had a baby boy when she was a teen. To this day, my grandparents are not aware of their first grandson’s existence and still believe I am their first grandchild. The only other person she told was her sister (my mom). I only know because my mom told me.”

— betacomplex


“At my old job, my manager at the time was sleeping with 2 of the female coworkers. Both of then where unaware of each other. They called him the boyfriend since they did not want anyone at work to know. I knew about them, and the fact that he was cheating on both of them. I over heard the manager fighting with one of them from the other room and grunted ‘I love you’ to her.”

— DreNarci


“My neighbor is having an affair. She and her husband leave for work every morning and she comes back with another dude around lunchtime about twice a week. I don’t think she knows I work from home and realizes how big their picture windows really are.”

— puckpanix


“My Brother-in-law has a stash of used, dirty panties. That in itself wouldn’t be that weird to me.

But he keeps them all in a zip lock bag, locked in his safe, with nothing else in the safe. Just a bag of dirty panties. In a gun safe.

I know this because other BIL had to go through his room recently to get all of his guns out of the house (that is a whole other thing with a whole other story) and he found the panty stash.”

— GinevraWPotter


“Had a friend middle school who legitimately had a crush on Spongebob Squarepants.

She let me use her computer a couple of times and I snooped through her shit and found her stash of self-insert Spongebob fanfiction. Found a couple of NSFW drawings as well.

I couldn’t really judge (I’ve had my fair share of animated crushes), but it was still bizarre experience.”

— TouchTheGuyBelowMe


“Found my cousin on a porn blog.”

— MetalLava


“When I was in 1st grade, my friend’s brother in 4th grade wanted us to tie him up and embarrass him. We thought it was funny and played along: It was nothing sexual for us, but I remember his boner and wondering how it just stood up like that. But other than that, I didn’t think much of that incident. Sometime during HS, I remembered all of a sudden and had a ‘holy shit!’ moment.

Now we’re older and we’re friends. He probably thinks that I completely forgot about that incident or maybe he forgot himself because there’s no way he could act so naturally towards me otherwise. If I tell him now, he would just die of embarrassment.”

— badassmthrfkr


“I know my deceased wife cheated on her ex by sucking off the tour van driver when she was on vacation in Europe.

After she died I was going through her things and I hesitated to read her personal journals but we have a son together and I was trying to figure out which things might be good to keep for him to see (like a journal she kept when she was a kid of a great camping adventure she went on with her family) and which ones to burn (like the trip to Europe obviously) so that our son never saw them if something happened to me.

Mostly what I learned is that she struggled a lot through her life trying to connect with men and with her own parents. She carried a lot of anger around and felt emotionally abused by the men in her life. She was also a free spirit who had amazing adventures, and some not so amazing adventures.

She was like Jenny from Forrest Gump with some, but not nearly as many, drugs (she was done experimenting by the time we got together) and no – she did not die from AIDS (since I know someone will ask). I also learned she did not feel that way about me – I was the one (based on her journals) that saved her and made her feel whole. The story about her trip to Europe does not surprise me, and our relationship was not perfect and I guess that’s all I have to say about that.”

— Danger_Zone


“A female friend confessed to me drunk one night that her father once made out with her for a few minutes while they were on a canoe trip together when she was like 11 :/

She says that (to the best of her recollection) that’s as far as it got and it was a one time thing. I didn’t press for details.

Next day she either didn’t remember talking about it, or pretended not to remember knowing I’d follow suit.

It’s strange because on the surface she seems to have a really good family. Parents are tight and all, I’ve even been to dinner with them all since the conversation.

Really fucked me up for awhile though, I was sure there had to be some history of systematic abuse or whatever buried beneath the surface. But damn maybe not? This is a morbid question, and in no way a sort of apolagia for child abuse. But do you think that it happens from time to time? A father gets drunk, some hidden monster comes out for 6 minutes (in the case of him making out with my friend) and then never does anything like that again?”

— WhiskeyOnASunday93


“My dad cheated on his ex-wife with my mom. My older brother (from 1st wife) has no idea that my dad cheated on her (assumed they were already divorced). I actually don’t know if my mom knows either. Dad’s been married to my mom for like 25 years now, so no point in stirring up trouble now.”

— VakarianBottleBlast


“My 16 yo goodie-two-shoes sister got caught having sex in the car….twice. At midnight I got a call from a cop asking if I was her mother. Sensing something was up I said yes. He loudly told me ‘WE FOUND YOUR DAUGHTER HAVING SEX WITH A BOY IN A CAR.’ Shocked, irritated, but laughing at her misfortune, I drove 20 minutes to pick her ass up. I pulled up to the parking lot of an apartment complex and saw three police cars, lights still on. (Not alot goes on in our neighborhood on a Saturday night.)

Her boyfriend sat on the curb talking to one of three cops, but still waved when he saw me pull up. Cute. A very serious cop with eyebrow way too plucked brought my crying sister to the car. It was clear I wasn’t our mom, since I’m just a few years older, but my cunning small talk convinced him to let me take her home instead of calling our mom ‘again.’

On the way back she was all too grateful for protecting her from my mother’s unforgiving wrath (she doesn’t know six months later & confessed that they’d been caught elsewhere last weekend. In conclusion, I’m the slickest cooliest sister u could have & she is forever my bitch.”

— Zoid_berg1997


“My father watches some nasty, freaky, disturbing and very high quality porn. He apparently doesn’t believe in turning the monitor to one side or closing the blinds so i have spent many a cigarette break on our porch pretending to not notice what is going on in the living room.”

— originalusername25


“A colleague of mine is a convicted rapist. It is an office setting, so there are lots of women around who might feel uncomfortable around him.

HR knew about the rap either in his employment application or in the background check, but decided NOT to tell the hiring manager and blessed the hiring. A couple of folks did a search online later only to discover there was a shit tonne of coverage in the local news about the events that led to drugging and raping a young woman.”

— Sarclown


“I know of a woman who was married, had sex with at least one other person, got divorced, had sex with me two of my buddies and a coworker of mine. Then was hanging out with two other people who I can only surmise she had sex with, I only have rumors tho. Then she got married to a different coworker of hers. Then not to very long ago, I literally witnessed her have sex with a third coworker of mine while at a party.

There’s a whole lot of Eskimo Bros here. Oh yeah, she’s pregnant now!”

— Original_name18 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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