You Deserve A Love That Changes Everything You Thought You Knew About Forever


You have to wait for the love that makes you heart stop.

That shakes you to your core, that you feel emanating in your fingertips and your toes. That takes your breath away and keeps you up at night. That gives you butterflies and palpitations and makes you question your own sanity. That makes your mind race and your adrenaline pump and causes you to do things like answer 2 AM texts and run towards someone in airports.

You deserve a love that makes you wake up. That makes you restless. That ignites you.

A love that makes your entire body remember what it means to be alive.

You deserve a love that challenges you.

That has back and forth, and static, and heat and passion and everything that keeps you on the edge of your metaphorical seat. That keeps you guessing in the most exciting ways and pushes you to be better, to be more, to be someone who you both are proud of. That is never stagnant or complacent, or boring or average.

You deserve a love that feels like magic. That feels like an adventure. That feels electric.

A love that is worth fighting for, and that is incredibly exciting every day to do so.

You deserve a love that makes you believe in the good.

That makes you relate to love songs and smile for no reason when walking down the street. That makes you see poetry in simple things like holding hands and falling asleep side by side on the couch. That warms your heart and your soul and turns you into a person who you never thought you would be. A person who loves the idea of how in love they are.

You deserve a love that makes you see things in a tint of rose and be unapologetically happy. That makes everything you’ve gone through before feel distant, unimportant, and like a memory you can barely recall.

A love that makes anything other than the “good” completely and utterly irrelevant. 

You deserve a love that you don’t have to question.

That you are certain of, that you believe in 100%. That you never fear losing and you don’t see obstacles and instantly see its desolation. That you see as strong. That you see as sure. That you see as steady.

You deserve a love that doesn’t ignite thoughts of panic, of uncertainty, or questions.

A love that never makes you unsure of where you stand. 

You deserve a love that changes everything you’ve ever known before.

That takes everything you thought you knew, and flips it upside-down. That spins you out of control and makes you realize that real love, true love, meaningful love is unlike anything you ever thought you would see in this lifetime. That makes you painfully aware that everything you’ve ever considered about love before was misinformed. Or cynical. Or tainted.

Or just plain wrong.

You deserve a love that changes everything you ever thought you knew about love before.

A love that makes you a new person. 

Because that love with change you for the better. And it will change you forever.

And it’s the love that you truly, wholly, and fully, deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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