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When you think about the girl who has a big heart, who feels a lot, who wears that heart on her sleeve, it probably conjures a lot of assumptions.

She cries at movies and gets weepy at commercials without concern if someone is looking. She cares about strangers more than you thought possible. She lights up at the possibility of helping someone even if they have nothing to give her in return. She feels things so strongly and so deeply that those feelings often make her decisions for her.

She leads with her heart instead of her head.

You might mistake this girl for impulsive, for a leap before she looks kind of girl. And in a way, you’re right. Because the head says ‘wait’ but the heart says ‘go’. And she’s not the kind of girl that can ever sit still when her heart is telling her to run somewhere.

But painting her simply as someone who has too many feelings and too big of a heart and not enough of a head on her shoulders to really think things through isn’t giving her enough credit. It’s writing her off as someone who is just feelings. As if feelings aren’t valid or strong or worth noting.

The truth about the girl who leads with her heart instead of her head that you’re probably afraid to admit? She’s braver than you.

The girl who leads with her heart instead of her head isn’t afraid of the possibility of failing. She is too busy chasing, loving, and giving to worry about the repercussions that may come back to hurt her. She’s more concerned about doing what feels best to waste time weighing and outweighing options that may never even see the light of day.

She’s too busy loving, and in turn living, to unnecessarily linger on the possibility that something might be the wrong choice.

The truth about leading with your heart is that it’s the scarier choice. It’s the riskier option. More can go wrong when you leap instead of look, when you love instead of hold back, when you feel instead of giving into fear. It’s the bolder choice; the choice that leaves more open to come back and smack you with negativity and pain.

Which is why it is a choice that should be commended, not shamed. 

So to the girls who lead with their hearts and not their heads, who are constantly giving without expectation of receiving, who unapologetically have those hearts on their sleeves for the world to take a piece of: I commend you. 

You are brave in a world that so often tries to make souls like yours afraid of what they’re feeling. You take risks in a world where doing just that is an act of rebellion. You put yourself out there when everything realistically is pointing at you to do exactly the opposite.

You remain loving in a world that is often so unkind.

Never apologize for being that girl. Never make your love smaller to protect yourself. Never repress what you want to shout from the rooftops.

Because you are a girl who leads with her heart and not her head, and that is brave. And that is beautiful.

And the world needs more girls just like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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