Wait Until You Find A Girl Like Me

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Tom Pumford

I am the girl.

I am the girl who looks like she’s best friends with everyone in the bar. I’m wearing something that makes me feel like I have to breathe in the whole time. I’m sipping a Kir Royale.

I am the girl that’s taking too many pictures on my phone – probably all enhanced with some flattering Snapchat filter. (Please don’t judge me for it. If you’re at all that proficient at detecting insecurity, you’ll understand why.)

I am the girl who wants to be noticed when I walk in. So if I see you noticing me, I’ll probably notice you right back. I’ll smile, and hope you’re brave enough to come over.

I am the girl who won’t have any obvious insecurity or hesitation – on the surface I’ll look like the most confident girl in the room – but deep down I’m probably ten times more insecure than any of the girls around me. I won’t have just tried on eight different outfits; I’ll have tried on eight different outfits every day for the past week. I still won’t be entirely happy with my choice. I’ll still think that other girl is prettier.

I am the girl that wouldn’t really want you to notice my shoes. I’m not a shoe girl. However if you comment on my dazzling lipstick smile, I’ll be completely floored.

I am the girl you’re going to want to marry.

I am the girl who is the tallest chick in the bar. It’s kind of my thing. I like to strut around pretending to be the next Karlie Kloss, although I have felt a little self conscious of it in the past.

I am the girl who’ll be laughing a little too loudly. It’s partly a trick to get your attention, and partly because I just love to laugh. I want us to laugh a lot.

I am the girl who has given up trying to handle social media. I’m still learning how to handle life.
I’m the girl who doesn’t need you to change my tyres, even though it sure is nice if you can.

I am the girl who wants to be looked for.

But I’m scared.

I am the girl who cares far too much what other people think.

I am the girl who is very wary of fuckboys. My guard will be up.

I am the girl who won’t sleep with you until you’ve earned a place in my heart.

I am the girl who has been forced into playing too many games. I’m sick of them now.
I am not alone. We are legion. But we’re scared. Yes, we’re looking for you. But we’re scared. Courage in love is difficult.
I am the girl who enters every room like a whirlwind. You will notice me.

I am the girl who will be bouncing around like the happiest, most energised person you’ll ever meet. Please don’t find that intimidating. Be sure that I’m at my happiest when I’m sitting in the corner with you.

I am the girl who wants that deep, real, forever, kind of love. The one where you renew wedding vows every ten years, and get to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary.

I am the girl who values honesty.

I am the girl who cares what my parents think.

I am the girl who will tease you if you cry over dog movies, even though I’ll secretly think it’s the cutest thing in the world.

I am the girl who loves that you love my brain. It’s my favourite thing about myself.

I am the girl who specialises in being neurotic. I’m going to obsess over my body, my hair, my abilities. I need a lot of reassurance.

I am the girl who never wanted to settle. I’ll be challenging you every single day of our lives.

I am the girl who is complicated, but at the same time pretty simple.

I am the girl who will hang on every word you say. I’ll replay them in my head a million times. I’ll give you some pretty sweet words back. Maybe some of the best you’ve ever heard.

I am the girl who would walk across the ocean if it made you smile. I’d do anything to see that smile.

I am the girl who will know how lucky I am to have you. I’ll thank God everyday that I’ve found you.

Find me. Keep me.

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