Why The ‘Bad Boy’ Is Now The New ‘Prince Charming’

Isabell Winter
Isabell Winter

Have you ever noticed that women are always complaining that “they can’t find a nice guy” and when they FINALLY meet one they lose interest in him because “he’s too nice”? LOL.

There’s no easy way to say this– but women don’t want a nice guy. They finish last. Every. Single. Time. Now, don’t get me wrong, women like to be treated well, they enjoy being pampered, they long to be romanced. But they really want this experience from a “bad boy”, not necessarily from some nice guy. And it’s very important to understand this.

If you’re a nice guy who is always willing to do favors (without her reciprocating), always at her beck and call, always willing to go the extra mile, she’ll begin to take you for granted.

And when someone takes you for granted, your value depreciates.

As of June 30, 2016 – no girl wants a guy who’s too nice. Maybe they did in the 1950s, but the whole social dimensions have changed. Nowadays, IF YOU BROUGHT A ROSE FOR A GIRL ON YOUR FIRST DATE, SHE WOULD THINK YOU’RE SOFT (and, funny enough, you may even ruin your chances).

Women are drawn to bad boys – it’s natural for them. They like the idea of thinking they can change a guy. LOL. Yeah, I’m serious, women think they can change a man. They like the challenge – the thrill of knowing that Joe changed his bad ways for her. And, of course, this never really happens, but it keeps them engaged – in fact, it keeps them interested indefinitely.

In the same breath, women like men who are confident.

Not an insecure man, who’s trying to find his way. They like men who are rough around the edges – a man who doesn’t take crap from her or anyone else for that matter.  They respect a man who knows how to calm them down when they’re acting up. Not some guy who will say “sorry dear” even when she’s clearly in the wrong.

Now, it doesn’t matter what women say, that’s the type of guy they really want.  A strong man who can also be understanding, compassionate and romantic. Simply put, you have to be bad and good. So, once it’s clear that you’re a bad boy (so to speak), then you’ve earned the right to be “too nice”. And that’s when your gestures will become even more meaningful to her.

Remember, women love the idea of trying to change a guy – it’s exhilarating for them. When a “bad boy” begins to open up his sensitive side to her, she’ll embrace every moment of it. She’s worked hard to “change” him and he likes her enough to compromise. When the bad boy goes out of his way to make her happy… she’s not going to think “he’s too nice”… she’s going to think it’s the sweetest thing ever.

When the bad boy looks into her eyes, pulls her closer, pauses and kisses her passionately, she’ll melt in his arms. And when he decides to give her a rose, she’ll cherish every single petal on the flower.

In fact, she’ll put it in some water, and try to keep it alive for as long as possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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