Just A Friend? 5 Clues There’s Something More Between Your Girl And Her Male Bestie


1. She’s suddenly ambiguous about who she’s hanging out with.

You’ve been with your girl for a while and you know she’s a talker. You know her girlfriends, you know all about their lives (you know that Dana’s guy is a jerk, that Melissa is looking to land a man, and that Jodi has issues). So when your girl tells you that she’s going out and you innocently ask “with who?”—if she tells you “a friend,” consider it a warning sign.

2. She no longer texts you constantly.

At the beginning of your relationship, communication was at its peak. You received a constant slew of early morning texts, phones calls just to say “I love you” midday, late night sexts, etc. Then, there’s a sudden drop in her efforts—a steep decline from regular check-ins and thoughtful updates to nada. Why? Because she’s spending her time communicating with her new “friend,” that’s why.

3. She doesn’t even complain anymore.

She used to complain now and then because she was taking the temperature of your relationship. She would say you didn’t care about her anymore, and that she wanted to spend more time together. When the complaints suddenly stop, it’s not because all is right, necessarily. Think about it. She has her new “friend” to talk to, her “friend” to vent to, her “friend” to share stuff with.

4. She offers to include you in her plans (knowing you don’t want to be).

You notice that she’s been hanging out with her new friend a lot more, staying longer at the gym or late at the office. When she asks you to go out and you shrug her off because the game is on, she isn’t even upset. She just casually tells you she’ll be going out with her new male bestie. “Don’t worry, he’s just a friend,” she says. Then halfheartedly suggests that you join them. You politely decline, and sense that she’s delighted.

5. She stops sharing information with you.

One night you finally decide to go out with your girlfriend and meet this “friend.” You take one look at him and figure he’s harmless—you’re much better looking, you definitely have more to offer—and that he’s not worth being jealous over. But you quickly realize that he knows way more about her than you do at this point. They have a rapport. You’re no longer Number One. You’re not her person anymore. There’s a new man in town. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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