14 Things Only Skinny-Fat People Understand

Due to inconsistent fitness habits and a love for buffets, my body has fluctuated in recent months. One week there’s abs, another there’s just mushiness. It’s like an actor altering their physique for two very different roles, but in those skinny-fat phases, you learn a lot. Here are some of those things.

New Girl: Season 1
New Girl: Season 1

1. Medium-size clothes are your nemesis. They’re too tight, exposing every roll, wrinkle, and crevice.

2. Large-size clothes are too loose. The fit resembles that of a child who raided their parent’s closet.

3. There’s a hesitance to shop for a bunch of clothes in a size up, because you’re confident that you’re only a solid month of diet and exercise away from fitting your wardrobe again.

4. Selecting an outfit from aforementioned wardrobe is less enjoyable. When you’re in a personally satisfying spot, weight wise, deciding what to wear is like choosing from 30 glorious ice cream flavors. When you’re in a skinny-fat phase, it’s like choosing which dentist you want to go to for a root canal.

5. Your personal slogan is something along the lines of, “I just ate, but I’m still hungry.

6. The perpetual hunger you feel is probably because your body legitimately needs sustenance, but ideally of the healthy, nourishing sort.

7. All it takes is one hefty meal to get you big time bloated. Your food baby causes your belly to resemble a 2-months-into-pregnancy tummy.

8. When you go into healthy mode, it’s difficult to deny who you really are. You can eat chicken breast and brown rice for lunch, but if you come across cookies, cakes, pies and brownies, your resistance is futile. God forbid the junk food be free, then it’s just blasphemous to pass on.

9. Even when you’re being healthy, you’ll find ways to make not particularly healthy choices. Like, a full steak and asparagus meal at 3am.

10. Nobody has any tolerance for you complaining about your body because you’re not blatantly overweight, and it comes off as an obnoxious person fishing for compliments to stroke their ego.

11. After going to the gym you’re most likely to eat garbage because hey, you earned it!

12. Your fat loves assembling in the same inconvenient spot that you don’t want it. Belly, thighs, face – one of those is likely to seem like it’s taking the brunt of any weight gains.

13. You’re not immune to a double, triple, or even quadruple chin. We’ve all seen ourselves on front cam, with the phone staring up at us and it’s basically the world’s least flattering mirror.

14. Immediately after a workout you’ll look in the mirror feeling hopeful that there’ll be a fresh set of abs or bulging biceps happening on your body. There won’t be — but you definitely feel like it’s feasible enough that it’s worth checking for a six-pack. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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