4 Life Lessons You Can Only Learn While Driving A Car


1. Sometimes you have to extend your journey and indulge. Like when you pull into the parking lot and your favorite song comes on the radio, so you drive around slowly, reveling in the glory of your beloved tunes.

2. Remembering where you came from can help you find where you’re going. When you make a wrong turn or if you just have a terrible sense of direction and realize you’re lost, driving back to where you began and reassessing where you’re headed can be the bit of compass guidance that you need.

3. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Your gas tank is a prime example. When you drive around low on fuel, you risk running out or feeling panic when there don’t seem to be gas stations nearby. Be prepared and anticipate the importance of things, before you need them so badly that you’re desperately scrambling.

4. Do unto others. We’ve all been in heavy traffic and needed to enter a lane or pass through somewhere that’s littered with other cars. It looks like you’ll be stuck waiting for the next 10 years unless some miracle happens… or a considerate, kind driver who has likely been in your predicament before lets you do whatever driving maneuver you need to do. A smile, a friendly wave, a selfless, understanding favor that only requires four seconds of patience – we should all treat our fellow comrades on the road as we’d hope to be treated if the situation were reversed.

How Should You Really Be Getting To Work Every Day? This Quiz Will Tell You

We all have to get to work somehow, and the car we use to get there can say as much about how our day will go as whether or not we get our morning cup of coffee. From the economic to the flashy to the performance-driven, we all have a car that is our perfect match. In partnership with Ford, we present a quiz to find out exactly the transport you need get to work the right way.