10 Reasons “Normal” Is The New “Classic”

It’s easy to think that “normal” means something boring — but in this world where everyone is trying to be like someone else, “normal” just as easily means “classic.” It’s about being confident and comfortable in who you are, and not having to fake it. In partnership with GAP for their new fall line, here are the 10 biggest reasons why “normal” is the new “classic.”

1. Because social media allows us to constantly give updates on our daily lives, and we see how normal regular life can be for everyone. From mega famous celebrities, to that girl from your 8th grade history class, life can be a whole lot of normal for all participants.

2. To piggyback on the previous point, not only are folks more open about how uneventful their everyday life can be, but they also strive for normal, calm, stay-at-home days. It’s almost like a contest to see who can be more snugly dressed & tranquil, while relaxing on soft furniture. Look at me on my couch, in my sweatpants, doing less than you!

3. Because genuineness attracts people who appreciate the real you, so being your normal self instead of creating and trying to upkeep a façade is the route people are wisely choosing to take. You can’t be appreciated for the person you truly are if you never show your normal self.

4. Because we even take old-fashioned classics and make them our norms. Just look at the modern day resurgence of the gentleman’s haircut. You can’t set foot in public without spotting dudes who look like a 1960s ad agency’s creative director.

5. Because there’s still a way to make normal unique, and have your own individual style. Even in fashion, jeans are normal and classic, yet they’re not one and the same. The different styles and various fits can create entirely different looks. Skinny, relaxed, standard, straight – and that’s just in terms of denim jeans, but the styling of every article of clothing can result in exclusively altered looks.

6. Because normal, yet classic outfits can be purchased at an affordable price for the average person. Normal/classic and financially friendly are not mutually exclusive.

7. Because fashion wise, normal is where many feel physically comfortable and mentally confident, two ideals for most of us. Personally, denim jeans, a soft, quality shirt and a cardigan will always make me feel ready in every sense of the word.

8. Because being open and having no shame makes taboos norms, and norms classics. Surely there was a point in the past where admitting to devouring an entire pizza while watching a few consecutive hours of television was frowned upon and kept on the hush, or at the very least, not photographed and shared with the world to be praised. Now, we’re open about indulging and it’s become admirable when a person can find the free time in this busy life to put on an impressive display of normal.

9. Because when people try really hard to go out of the ordinary just to prove a point, they end up straying from who they really are. You can always tell when someone is breaking every “rule” of style, to the point that they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. There’s nothing wrong with just wearing what feels right, even if that means you’re normal, and even if that means there might be another person out there in the world who is similar.

10. Because there’s some label or identity description for all personality types, so even our unusual quirks and odd tendencies feel normal when we hear or spend time with others who share them.
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