Selfies When You’re In A Relationship Vs Selfies When You’re Single

Selfies are a huge part of our online (and, let’s be honest, real) lives, and few things have a bigger impact on your selfie game than having an adorable significant other to help you bring in the likes. So in partnership with ABC for their new series Selfie, premiering Tuesday, Sept 30 at 8|7c, here are the differences between your single and coupled self(ie).

The Hand-To-Mouth Adorable Picture

Selfies When You’re In A Relationship Vs Selfies When You’re Single

Relationship Selfie: With any any couple’s selfie, there’s some particular essence they’re trying to capture. The picture above is radiating charm. It’s aggressively adorable, screaming: look at us being the perfect combination of sweet & cute, like a friendly little puppy, or a chocolate Easter bunny.
Single Selfie: Lonely? Psh, why would I be lonely when I’ve got the apple of my eye adorably feeding me apples?

The Classic We Are So Happy Together Shot

Selfies When You’re In A Relationship Vs Selfies When You’re Single
Relationship Selfie: 
This is the classic couple selfie right here. No gimmicks, just smiles, look straight into the camera and give a quick reminder to all of the world’s single people that there’s currently nobody in their life who wants to recreate this photo with them.
Single Selfie: Look how happy we are! Does this look like a single person to you? Nope. That’s definitely two separate hands from two different bodies forming an almost heart-shape for a selfie. Ah, love is in the air.

The Make You Feel Bad If You’re Currently Alone Photo

Selfies When You’re In A Relationship Vs Selfies When You’re Single

Relationship Selfie: Now this is truly a next level gem because you see two people who appear to be so genuinely happy together, multiplied by four photos for maximum feels to be felt. The fact that this couple can casually throw four quality pics into one photo means they must have an abundance of elite couple’s selfies. Countless memory cards could be filled with still shots of their romance. 16GB of love. Single folks see this and question if they’ll ever be loved on such a remarkable level by a photogenic person. Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but are they capable of swimming into four flawless couple’s selfies, then stitch it together as one?
Single Selfie: Shh! She’s sleeping. Isn’t it so cute how she’s just there napping like a romantic, loving girlfriend?

The We’re Currently Doing Fun Stuff Together Picture

Relationship Selfie: This is the elegant, stunning happy couple who features a beautiful city in the backdrop that only makes the photo that much more divine. If you’re single, you see this and you’d happily be their third wheel. Seriously, are these two taking applications for an experienced third wheel who never overstays their welcome and rarely makes awkward jokes when the waiter asks how to split the check? Because I have a friend who would definitely apply and I’d he’d be perfect!
Single Selfie: These are 100% for sure two separate sets of legs and feet, about to go for a run. There’s nothing cuter than a couple that gets fit together. Also, notice how she’s on her tippy toes, probably giving some pre-workout smooches! Now that’s just precious. This type of selfie requires great flexibility and two humans to create. Not just like, a guy bent over with shoes on his hands using a camera timer app or whatever, because that’d be crazy!

The Flirtatious, Yet Playful Selfie

Relationship Selfie: ADORABLE OVERLOAD! ADORABLE OVERLOAD! SYSTEM FAILURE. Lonely people close your eyes, if it’s too late and you’ve already been heavily exposed to this couple’s selfie, flush your eyes with warm water and scroll down.
Single Selfie: Who’s single? Not this guy whose girlfriend is playfully (and adorably) reaching for his glasses. She’s got beautiful nails, by the way, which are definitely attached to the fingers that are attached to the hand that is attached to the arm that is attached to her definitely existent (completely separate from him) body.

The Too Dang Precious, Make You Want To Be Deep In Love Picture

Selfies When You’re In A Relationship Vs Selfies When You’re Single
Relationship Selfie: Alright this exceeds my limits. Seriously, they appear to be all well dressed and look super elegant, like they just got back from a ball. This is the exact, visual definition of a “selfie in a relationship.” You’ve got smiles, you’ve got affection being shown, you’ve got a dimly lit room, you’ve got a sincerely happy, perfect couple giving you the romance and the cuteness that’ll make you audibly go “aww.”
Single Selfie: Sometimes you have to give massages to your completely real significant other who completes you and more importantly, ensures that you’re not lonely to onlookers. That, folks, is how selfies are done when you’re single. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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