10 Perks Of Not Being Ugly, But Not Being Gorgeous Either


1. It takes less time to get ready than if you were hideous or excessively gorgeous. It’s like, who am I kidding? I can only do so much here, this mirror isn’t being generous, and Taco Bell’s breakfast ends in 27 minutes, so this is just how I’m going to look today.

2. You’re basically in camouflage amongst the general public. People aren’t as likely to catcall or harass you when you’re walking down the street, but they also won’t confuse you with their Boston Terrier.

3. Lower expectations. Prime example – Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes are just had a child and everyone is speaking about how perfect looking of a person will come from a combination of their genetics. Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton is pregnant, but you don’t hear expectations for her baby’s physical appearance, do you?

4. Nobody likes you strictly for your looks. Unless they’re really into the human version of a report card littered with B minuses and Cs.

5. You’re less likely to be a terrible person on the inside. Let me be clear, a beautiful person doesn’t get a pass if they’re awful on the inside. However, if you’re easy on the eyes you can go through life being a bad-mannered, rude, crude individual and not get called on it. When you’re not particularly aesthetically pleasing you can’t be a garbage human to the core. I mean you can, but people won’t like/love you. Personality is all average folks have to compensate for what we lack in looks.

6. You’re more likely to get genuine compliments on your outfit. When you’e average looking and someone says nice shirt, they meant it. You have to wear the outfit; the outfit isn’t just being praised because the person wearing it looks like God Photoshopped them. Which brings me to the next point…

7. You’re a great outfit away from being ranked higher. A 6 or 7 dressed like a 10 becomes a 7 or 8, and sometimes even a 9.

8. When you do get compliments on your looks, they can make your entire day. You can’t be blasé about something you don’t oft receive.

9. You can own things that aren’t nice without being judged. This is an incredibly shallow, judgmental point, but I’ve heard too many people bring it up to pretend it’s not a thing. When you see a gorgeous person driving a beat up, crappy vehicle you question why. Imagine Jessica Alba in a rusty paint, dent decorated 2002 Toyota Corolla. Picture Idris Elba with an iPhone 3GS.

10. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your social media pictures to Catfish people. Nobody uses your picture on a fake account, pretending to be a 5, 6, or even a 7. On Catfish, it’s typically about not-so-gorgeous people thinking 8s, 9s and 10s are interested in them. Find comfort in the fact that your ordinary appearance won’t be stolen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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