10 Reasons Sarcastic Friendships Are The Best

Friends: The Complete Series
Friends: The Complete Series

1. Vulgar salutations are fun. Sometimes greeting each other is almost like a game to see who can say “hello” in the most rude, crude, socially unacceptable way.

2. There’s no cheesy TV sitcom type mushiness, but your care for each other is expressed more often than the average friendship does — it’s just displayed in the form of insult after diss after borderline offensive burn. Constantly reminding someone how much you appreciate their existence and being verbally abusive go hand in hand.

3. Opinions are always given honestly when it comes to things that others might feel obligated to lie about, such as “How does this outfit look?” Thanks to sarcasm the truth can be delivered in a facetious, cynical remark.

4. Exchanging compliments like “normal” friends choose to do is cool, but having battles of wits is much more entertaining. You get to continuously poke fun and trade zingers back and forth while feeding off of the laughter & enthusiastic “Ooohs!” from others. You’re basically putting on a free show with your banter — sarcasm met with sarcasm – but nobody is even slightly offended.

5. If an actual issue arises there’s no beating around the bush or trying to make a point passive aggressively because you can be upfront. When you regularly say horrible things to each other (jokingly), it’s becomes significantly easier to be honest about qualms without hesitation.

6. They understand your humor, which is a crucial aspect of clicking with someone on a high level. Nothing kills jokes quicker than having to explain that you were “just being sarcastic,” so it’s much more enjoyable to have an audience that grasps and appreciates your work.

7. Being around a sarcastic joker filters out and fends off any uptight, vibe killing, sense of humor-less folks. Sarcastic friends are like funny scarecrows, protecting the crops that are your happiness from the pesky birds that are high-strung people.

8. You get to enjoy seeing the stunned faces of those unfamiliar with your unique bond who aren’t sure if you’re best buddies or mortal enemies.

9. Sarcastic friends keep your comeback improvisation skills polished and the response time hasty because you’ve got to be quick on your feet to fully participate in the friendship. Before you know it, you’re like a wit ninja.

10. When there are times that you actually need empathy, compassion, and someone to vent to or lean on, sarcastic friendships can always provide those. It’s just easier to save that sentimental stuff for the moments when it’s a necessity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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