9 Specific Types Of Love And How Long They’ll Last


1. Favorite song love.

This often depends on if the song is mainstream or not. If the radio and television/films have a hold of it, it’s only a matter of time before you pry those buds from your cold, annoyed ears or press buttons to a new station every time it comes on.

Prime example: anyone who knew and loved Paper Planes by MIA upon its initial release in February 2008 knows that when Pineapple Express used it for their trailer months later, it became a phenomenon and was played EVERYWHERE. That love turned to frustration and irritation, as it’s hard to maintain the magic after hearing something for the 439th time. Right now it seems the radio is doing its damndest to make Royals by Lorde not be my favorite thing, but it’ll take another couple hundred more plays before those feelings go away.

Love Will Last: If not on the radio, this love can be forever — or until you hit replay a few too many times and make yourself sick of it. If ON the radio, you are doomed and have 1-3 months left to enjoy.

2. That’s a good commercial love.

Imagine a quality commercial that made you laugh or think. Now, no matter how clever or amusing it is, eventually you’re going to be less charmed or entertained when it’s for the seventh, eighth, ninth time. It’s safe to say that the 20th time is going to be an, “I’m over it” moment. Given that they’re only 30-seconds or so, the actual length of this adoration is extremely short.

Love Will Last: 30 seconds X 20 views = 600 seconds = 10 minutes.

3. That can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of love.

The only way to describe our love for things nostalgic like, say, a 90s classic movie that you watched a preposterous amount of times throughout childhood.

Love Will Last: That remains to be seen. I’ve been in this type of love with a specific, beloved 90s flick since November 17th, 1995-ish.

4. New shirt/blouse love.

The instant you purchase a top, its unworn, freshness automatically pushes it amongst the elite articles of clothing in your closet. It’ll be held by the sturdiest hanger until its first time being worn, and probably the second and third as well. Then, somewhere along the way, after a few washes it might fade and be a slightly different shade than it was initially. A few more wears and you find out how much you really care for the shirt. Once it has been seen by everyone and is a bit washed out (Should’ve used Woolite Extra Dark Care to keep darks, dark – duh) it’ll take its place amongst the rest of the clothes anywhere in the mix or it’ll remain a special, oft selected option. Eventually it has to get a hole or something though, so the love expectancy here is limited. New hoodie love, however, is known to go on for 2-3 years in many cases.

Love Will Last: 1 month-1 year.

5. Hobby that begins with a purchase love.

I once bought a keyboard and immediately taught myself a couple of basic songs. The next day, and every day beyond that, I’ve managed not to touch a single key, ever again. This is just one example of a failed love connection between human and hobby.

Love Will Last:
Hobby love is an amazing thing because if you’re an easily frustrated quitter it can last for 15 minutes, but if you have patience and passion it can continue for a lifetime.

6. Eating or drinking something that you know your body can’t handle and you will pay dearly for, love.

Bowls of cereal with milk when you’re lactose intolerant. A plate of enchiladas when you know vicious heartburn will follow. These are decisions we make, and they’re for the love of the food. In your mind, it’s better to have loved and suffered, than to never have had that carne asada at all.

Love Will Last: From the first bite to the moment you realize you have to make a hasty trip to the restroom to do one of many potential possibilities.

7. Pizza love.

You may think that when the final slice is devoured, or the last greasy, parmesan covered finger is licked, the connection is over, but I’m still madly in love with a personal pan from Pizza Hut that I had ate in ’98, so that’s nonsense. You can still care for a pizza and have that memory long after it has been eaten, so don’t assume that putting the last piece of crust in your mouth is goodbye.

Love Will Last: Keep that pizza in your heart and it lasts as long as you want it to, dear child. As long as you want it to.

8. A new workout routine love.

You are tired of slacking, it’s time to get fit. Grocery shop for a bunch of healthy stuff that you stumbled upon in the produce section, perhaps purchase a tub of protein powder and a cute, BPA Free water bottle and you’re set. Starting Monday your diet and pound shedding workouts will go into effect.

Love Will Last: In many cases this love only lasts until the first bite of unsalted egg whites or the first time a person feels out of breath from cardio. In most cases it’ll be an off and on fling that basically lasts a lifetime. In less cases it’ll last a few, admirable months. In the rarest instances, it’ll survive the winds of change, becoming less of a responsibility and more of a lifestyle.

9. That TV show you stumbled upon while channel surfing love.

This is good. This is really good. How have you never seen this show before? This loud, angry man goes to crappy bars and yells at managements while getting things fixed? You love it! Bar Rescue it’s called — this could be your new favorite thing!

Love Will Last: Until the first commercial break. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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