32 Of Life’s Most Underrated Activities

32 Of Life’s Most Underrated Activities

1. Going to the movies solo. Seriously – you can eat all of the snacks and it’s just you, the film and your own thoughts.

2. Receiving and opening packages in the mail.

3. A long, hot shower. Getting the water to a point of steaming, hotness and standing/squatting/sitting in it until you’re relaxed or doze off is awesome. Everybody should indulge in closing their eyes and being pelted by drops of hot water.

4. Staring at the sky. It’s so massive and far away — to just lie on your back and admire its beauty is something we don’t do often enough. If there are clouds to watch float by – even better.

5. Eating foods that you get to dip. I think this derives from the magical tastiness that was Dunkaroos, but now it extends to various things from chips and queso, to chicken nuggets and dipping sauces.

6. Being completely lazy with a significant other. Just hours upon hours of nothing but conquering multiple seasons of television shows, and mastering the art of sluggishness.

7. Using a brand new toothbrush for the first time.

8. Hitting the bakes, slowing down and timing the red light changing to green perfectly, thus avoiding ever having to come to a complete stop.

9. Rock, paper, scissors. Sometimes I try to find “not-it” situations just so I can suggest they be settled by a game of rock, paper, scissors.

10. Stepping on and hearing the crunch of piles of leaves.

11. Waking up and saying “screw it,” to productivity or obligations for the day. That means calling in sick, going back to sleep and spending the day doing — or not doing, whatever you please.

12. Building and lounging under a pillow or blanket fort.

13. Listening. Not only because you’re likely allowing someone to blow off steam and release their bottled up stress, but because sometimes it’s pleasant to play silent therapist.

14. Flicking through an entire rack of posters at Spencer’s, Hot Topic or some other dimly lit mall store.

15. Coloring. It’s like nobody does it once we get to a double-digit age, but it still possesses the relaxation equivalent of a cup of hot tea and a book.

16. Nighttime drives with the windows down and the music blaring through your speakers while you’re alone with your own thoughts and tunes.

17. Grabbing a plate at a buffet and having at the unlimited amounts of grub you can pile onto your plate.

18. The drive back on a road trip. Sure there’s excitement, anticipation and mystery on the way there – but the way back is when the entire experience is discussed and reflected upon from all of the participants perspectives.

19. Watching great performers perform. For example: LeBron James playing basketball. The fact that he’s scheduled for 82 games every season, plus the playoffs might make us forget that (like it or not) he’s the best player in the world, and we’re actually able to watch a man in the process of creating his legacy.

20. Peeling protective sheets of plastic off of our brand new electronics.

21. Random, lucid dreaming moments in which you know it’s just a dream, yet you’re still in there with full control of yourself.

22. Living like a slob in your hotel room. It’s a short-term mess that we’d never allow in our actual home, but since this is temporary we leave clothes, food, papers and garbage everywhere. Also, we don’t have to make beds or be neat with towels and junk – room service neatens things up for us.

23. Being underrated. Yes, it’d be fun for people to hype up and support you all the time, but as an underdog you’re given you the opportunity to prove doubters and naysayers wrong.

24. Saying “yes” to somebody – doesn’t matter what they’re asking of you, something about being able to say “yes” is pleasant.

25. Partaking in a hug that began with a running start and sometimes is met with one or both parties in midair.

26. Going through loud, wet, sudsy carwashes that feel like a poor man’s Universal Studios, special effects experience.

27. Throwing on clothes that came straight from the dryer.

28. Making someone who’s having a bad day or isn’t in the best mood genuinely smile or laugh.

29. Sharing high-fives with complete strangers over something you can both appreciate… Usually sports related.

30. Removing your shoes by kicking them off with your feet, and never having to bend or kneel down.

31. Getting out a string of 3 or 4 rapid fire sneezes in a row to clear the nasal area out.

32. Verbally taking advantage of being able to tell your loved ones you love them while they’re around to hear it, and you’re around to say it. TC Mark

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