31 Questions To Ask If You Want To Reinvent Yourself But Aren’t Sure Where To Start


The allure of reinvention is one of the things that makes frustration bearable. We know there’s always time for another chance. With the right tools we can turn around and build a more exciting life tomorrow. If you’re itching for something new but not sure what it looks like, spend some time with these questions:

1. What makes me feel happiest?

2. What makes me feel most frustrated?

3. If the obstacle of money was removed, how would my life look different?

4. What other obstacles are between me and the life I think I want?

5. What could I start doing today that would remove just one of these things in a year?

6. What productive activities do I spend time doing for no other reason than they makes me happy?

7. What do I do better than anyone else?

8. What traits and values do the people I most admire have in common?

9. What traits and values do the people I hate the most have in common?

10. How much money do I *really* need to be happy?

11. If physical location, education, money (and actually having to land the job) weren’t factors, what would I do for work?

12. How would I most like someone to describe me?

13. What things do I only do because it makes other people validate me?

14. What is the worst thing someone could say about me?

15. What activities did I do on the best day of my life?

16. What did I like doing when I was younger that I’ve lost touch with?

17. What would I be most sad to have never tried?

18. What would I title my memoir if I had to write one right now?

19. What would I rather title it, even if the theme doesn’t quite fit me (yet)?

20. What is the most important way I want my life to be different in 10 years?

21. What do I most look forward to each day?

22. When was the last time I felt a big rush of satisfaction?

23. What do people tell me I would be good at?

24. Which habit do I most wish I could work on getting rid of this year?

25. What would happen if I read for just 20 minutes each evening?

26. What do I want to be remembered for?

27. How can I incorporate breaks from my phone into my daily or weekly schedule?

28. What would help me let go of past hurts in my life?

29. Could I spend just five minutes each day following along with a yoga channel on YouTube?

30. What is the best compliment someone could give me?

31. In what ways is the best version of myself different from the current version of myself? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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