17 Men Who ‘Didn’t Want A Relationship’ On How They Fell For Her Anyway

Dustin Adams
Dustin Adams

1. “I think that’s just a thing you say before you meet the right girl. It was for me anyway.”

2. “I had some bad relationships that lead me to believe I wanted to be a lifelong bachelor. What changed was, I met a mature, supportive woman who made me feel loved and who I could have a healthy relationship with. I put her through hell a bit because I kept waiting for her to go crazy or cheat on me or hurt me, but eventually I knew I could trust her forever.”

3. “I realized that was just a sad way to live. At some point I changed from valuing my freedom the most to valuing having someone to share my life with more.”

4. “I dated a lot of women and never connected with any of them on a deep level, so I just thought I’d be alone forever. Even if I was in a relationship I’d feel alone. Then this girl started hanging out with my friends and when we’d have longer conversations, I found that connection I’d never had before. I just didn’t know I could feel that.”

5. “I was young, I thought I’d feel the way I felt then forever. But I grew up. I realized that there are drawbacks to relationships, sure, but that’s nothing compared to what I get out of it.”

6. “It’s as simple as meeting a girl who changed my mind.”

7. “I saw my friends getting coupled up, and the things that made me feel clausterphobic when I was younger made me feel jealous all of a sudden. I wanted someone to hang out with and have fun with and support me 24/7 like they did. They weren’t the unhappy drones I thought they’d be, post-marriage, they convinced me they found something special.”

8. “I used to have incredible anxiety about what I might miss out on by committing to one woman. I loved meeting girl after girl and the thrill of the chase and the variety. But then I started dating one I couldn’t say goodbye to. The luster of a new girl (or, all the new girls) was lesser than the luster of just being with her.”

9. “My girlfriend is the smartest, kindest, sexiest woman I’ve ever met. Could you say no to that?”

10. “I was trying not to get serious with this girl, and eventually she just told me she couldn’t even be friends with me if I didn’t want to be her boyfriend. I missed her when she was gone, I really, really missed her. All the places in my life I used to love not having someone around for, now they just felt lonely.”

11. “The sex is that good.”

12. “As I got older it made more practical sense to want to be part of a couple than to go it alone.”

13. “There was a moment when I got really exciting career news and I looked around and realized I didn’t really have anyone to share it with. Sure, I had friends to tell, but no one close enough to me that they would really celebrate with me. That’s when I knew I wanted to change my life so that the next time this happened, I wouldn’t feel so lonely.”

14. “I met a girl who treated me like she was lucky to be with me. It completely took me by surprise. It was this sweet love that I wanted more of.”

15. “I got dumped by a great girl because I wouldn’t take her more seriously. I watched her move on with another guy, and I was so jealous. I didn’t lose the next great girl who came along.”

16. “The great girl I met wouldn’t continue to see me unless we made it official. I’m not a fan of relationships but I didn’t want to lose her. It’s going well so far, but it’s still early.”

17. “One day I realized the days I spent with this girl I was seeing were happier than the days I spent without her — even though the whole point of not seeing her more was that was what I thought I wanted. I realized I was playing games and asked her to be official.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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