Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On What Drink You Order



You’re a supportive girlfriend who never keeps score and can spend hours listening to someone’s problems without getting the tiniest bit resentful. You never show up to an event without bringing a gift for the host, and your partner loves being with someone who is so thoughtful and generous. You’re not one to draw attention to yourself so people may not know it at first, but you’re stealth the best kind of girl to date.


You’re the old-fashioned girlfriend. You have taste that’s a little bit different than everyone else, but you trust it (and everyone else does too). In a relationship, you choose someone based on values over looks, and your relationships tend to be quite a bit healthier than those around you. There’s no volatility or drama, just two people with emotional intelligence who can see how much better their lives would be if they woke up together every day, forever.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Your wild days may be behind you, but you still know how to let loose when the situation calls for it. You’re never going to be boring and dull. In a relationship, you know how to balance having a strong, stable bond with keeping your partner on their toes with your intellect and wit. Every day is still exciting when you’re together, because you are too interesting to ever feel dull.


You’re the charismatic girlfriend. You have a way with people and can convince anyone to do just about anything. That’s why people are drawn to you. You attracted your partner because they want to be close to someone who seems to be so powerfully captivating.


You’re an independent girlfriend. You don’t need someone to validate your choices for you. You just want a partner who sees you as an equal and wants to have long conversations around a fire near a beautiful cabin with you… In the same way, you value your partner’s independence and love when they take time for themselves to recharge or hang with their friends. You’re not jealous or needy, and people love that about you.


Tequila girls make wild girlfriends, in the best way. They love to party, but they also know how to handle themselves. They don’t do anything drunk they wouldn’t do sober (though, that isn’t saying much). In relationships, they are incredibly adventurous and passionate. They can keep someone’s interest for a long time because they don’t have a dull bone in their body.


You’re a low-maintenance girlfriend. You love the water and being on a boat or near the beach. You don’t care if you track sand around everywhere or if your hair gets ruined by a mid-day swim. You love living in the moment, but in a calmer way than a party girl. In relationships, you want someone who is as relaxed as you are, and who values nature and relaxation as much as you do.

A sugary mixed drink

You’re a sweet girlfriend, just as sugary as you like your drinks to be. Your partners never complain about a lack of affection from you, you’re sure to reach out and support them at all the right times. You like going out with a big group of friends, but honestly, your favorite part is going home with your love and spending the next day being lazy with them, ordering food, and binge-watching Netflix.

Craft beer

You’re an intelligent girlfriend who doesn’t have stereotypically feminine taste, but everyone loves that about you. You’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd — but you also don’t do things just to stand out either. You’re just an independent person. In relationships, you look for this quality in your partner. You don’t care if they have “good” taste or “bad” taste, you just want it to be their own.

Unfussy beer

You’re a laid back girlfriend. You have more guy friends than girl friends — not because you’re hard to get along with, but just because you generally have more stereotypically “male” interests. In a relationship, your bond with your partner is super close because you have so much more to talk about. It’s less of a “mystery” and more of a best-friendship with extras.

Pinot Grigio

You know how to make weekdays fun and you inject that spirit into your relationships. You can make a Tuesday night feel like a Friday and you refuse to settle for anyone who isn’t up for this challenge. You want someone who craves adventures and excitement, who is as outgoing and down to have fun as you are. Be careful if you’re with someone who doesn’t appreciate this and tells you to “grow up” — you just need to find someone who’s not quite so boring.

Bloody Mary

You’re a social butterfly girlfriend. You have a large social circle and you need your partner to be on board with this. Ideally, your partner falls seamlessly into your circle — and adds their own as well. The two of you never have a shortage of other fun couples you can invite over for dinner and games, or out exploring the best your city has to offer.


You are a classy, refined, conservative girlfriend. You indulge responsibly and look gorgeous while doing so. In a relationship, you always have your partner’s back and make sure they always look their best. You’re one-half of a tight knit couple that is whole-heartedly committed to the happiness and success of their partner.


You’re not the loudest girl in the room who wears the most-revealing clothes, but you make your partner happy and secure in your relationship. You’re slow to open yourself up to people, but once you do, they’ve got your heart for the long haul. You’re honest and kind, the type that never cheats and always lives up to their word. You have integrity and the sweet, simple demeanor that screams “wife material”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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