17 Men On What They Thought Was Physically Attractive In Their 20’s Vs. In Their 30’s

One of the biggest worries I had about growing up was the way dating was supposed to change from fun and easy to ??? something harder. But there’s actually a huge relief to dating more mature people, and what I look for has totally changed, I assumed this must be experienced by both genders. Over on r/AskMen guys talked about how what they seek out has changed over time.

5. My tastes have stayed the same

“When I was younger I was attracted to pretty petite younger girls (late teens to mid twenties) with bubbly personalities and a positive life attitude. Nothing has changed.”

6. I started finding more women attractive

“When I was younger, I wanted interesting. Interesting looks, ideas, character. As I’ve grown older, interesting is less interesting especially when it means broken.

Regarding appearance, I used to be “Any chick that will pay attention to me is attractive, but what I really like is…..” With age that’s become “Most girls are really attractive in their own unique ways, but what turns me off is….”

I married to an interesting, attractive redhead with great boobs that enjoys sex as much or more as I do. Some days she’s more “interesting” than I’d prefer. Now I find that the more a chick looks like my wife, the more attractive she is.”

7. I value personality more, even if looks are still important

“The value I place on personality has greatly increased, relative to physical attraction. For instance, it is important that my ideal woman, as a hetero man, is playful and less-critical-natured. As far as physical features are concerned, I am more open to other races/ethnic backgrounds outside of my own, however, I maintain a certain demand of relative attractiveness. At 37, if I can make it to the gym and keep myself in shape, it’s reasonable to expect that of a potential partner. Looks are still number 1.”


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